You lost to above poster in a duel! #2

Alright ladies and lads, we know the drill. You lost an IC duel or sparring match to the poster above you, fair and square. What do you say to them upon defeat?

That was fun! Well done, lad! I knew ye had potential! I’ll make sure not to go easy on ye next time!

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rips an arm of her ghoul and throws it in front of the Worgen

Here, you earned a doggy-treat.


Xeilin lies on the ground, yelling and struggling to get the rabid ghoul off her. “Waaah! Please call back your monster! I didn’t even want to fight you, I just wanted to talk! Help!”

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Bah, an opponent that doesn’t even want to fight?! I forfeit this duel. There’s no honor in defeating weaklings.


It’s cheating ! I couldn’t even drain your life…

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Bows respectfully it seems i need to increase my training and have much to learn still, Come! to the tavern, you can try my latest brew and then we can have another bout. lets see how good you are once you’ve had a few beers in you yes?

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“A-ha! Good fight, panda-mon! We must brawl again sometime, for sure! After da drinks, though. I like ya thinkin’”

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