You may call Blizzard a bad studio these days, but at least it isn't like Capcom yet

Sure, Blizzard did a few scummy things, but at least they are not (yet) as bad as Capcom… Capcom did:

  • Announce Dragons Dogma 2
  • Hyping it up to oblivion
  • Making a separate character editor as free demo due to all the options
  • Then releasing the game in a broken state with lots of performance issues for most hardware
  • Putting a lot of MTX and microtransactions in it for ingame materials (and probably increase the grind)
  • Single File player save (pay 1-2$ to delete your character and start anew)
  • Auto-Save overwrites manual save (you have only 1 save slot for that 1 character as well it seems)

Yeah, I don’t think Blizzard is as bad as that. So the next time you complain about Blizzards practices, keep Capcom in mind and don’t allow Blizzard to turn their head towards such practices as well.

Imagine you have to pay IRL money to release your character. That would be Bobby Koticks wet dream if he was still around.

you can say alot of thing about Blizz, but their games always run well

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