You missed such an amazing interaction with the lore

I really feel like the connection between Legion, BFA, Shadowlands and subsequently dragonflight connection has been so mismanaged from a lore perspective that it is no wonder the content of the majority of it has been super lack luster…

Like WHY?.. Why didn’t Sargeras Sword plunge through the Maelstrom and inadvertently break the seal that kept N’zoth imprison?

Why Wasn’t BFA then about N’ZOTH unleashing the Black Empire, with Act Two being unleashing the Elements and having a Elemental Raid that had all four elements and new Old God empowered Elmental Lords?

Patch Two being The Return of Nya’lotha and us facing N’zoth only with him escaping…

and the final Patch being N’zoth knowing he unable to succeseed alone unleashing Zog’Saron and C’thun with a final raid being split between Ahn’Qiraj, Uldaur and the Halls of Origination with us activating Azeroth defense system put in place by the Titans which they originally refused to use because of the diasterous effect it would have on Azeroth and we do it…

it purges all the Old Gods from Azeroth but Breaks the world… ripping open the very fabric of reality between Azeroth and The Shadowlands…

The Shadowlands should of been a parallel world to Azeroth but Dark and distorted… Everybody having an evil counter part with a different history allowing us to enter a different version of Azeroth… allowing for the very world to be remade but as an entire separate world… We could of battle anybody and you could of had Arthas return… medivh return, any villian or Hero but a twisted shadowy version of themselves allowing for a super cool expansion…

But hey who am i but a random wow player… I can dream

I don’t believe that would have been better than what we have gotten. The sword thing has proven to be pretty much narratively useless. N’zoth shouldn’t have even been in BfA beyond the Shrine of Storms and fundamentally doesn’t work as a primary antagonist of a raid tier, because his whole premise is that he is the smartest, the puppetmaster, the manipulator so unless you beat him at his own game it’S never going to be narratively satisfying.

Regarding the Shadowlands bit… That’s even farther from what the Shadowlands are supposed to be than what they ended up doing, mechanically inconsistent with what was established about literally everything involved.

The important thing about the sword is that it is a glaring example of Blizz being unable to think things through. They gave us that enormous reveal moment, but either they planned to find some narrative use for it later, or their story was so flimsy that even such an important centerpiece could be displaced. Sure, they will give us something about it at some point. But if you really believe that whatever they actually implement half a decade (or more) later will be what they planned all along, I might have a bridge to sell you.

It doesn’t matter if they are making it up as they go, or if they just throw their long-term plans overboard, as soon as they get a new “cooler” idea in the moment, the result will most likely suck. And the sword is just a nice little symbol of that.

This whole game is pretty much a thesis on how to miss the most field goals in a row and still have an audience cheering you on.


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The reason is pretty simple. People playing do so for other reasons than the story, at face value. They jumped the Shark in Legion to something of a success so they tried it again in BfA and SL, but as it happens when you willy nilly shove content without any rhyme or reason out it end up being a god forsaken mess so bad even the normies start to go like “The hell is that?”

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