Your most used keybinds?

So I’m thinking about rolling a rogue and just wondering: What are your most basic and most used keybinds as a rogue?

  • Stealth
  • Openers
  • Self heals
  • Finishing moves

Swirly ball

V for Stealth. 123 for my most used abilities. 4, F1,F2,F3 for buff and combo points abilities. 5, F4,F5 for defenses/heal. R for gauge, F for interrupt, T for blind, G for Vanish. Extra mouse button 1 for grappling hook, extra button 2 for sprint, Extra button 3 for aoe. Shift+extra mouse button 1 for pvp trinket, Shift+ extra mouse button 2 for Cloak, SHift+ extra mouse button 3 for Shadowmeld(nelf racial).

Mouse button macro for Grappling hook.
#Showtooltip Grappling Hook
/cast [@cursor] Grappling Hook.

That macro works for any spell you need to click and target on the ground, like vengeance DH sigils or hunter traps. Real handy to have.

1,2,3,4,5 Most used abilities

SHIFT 1,2,3,4,5 Cooldowns

X = leap, hook, shadowstep
TAB = Sprint
~ = Will of the forsaken/pvp trinket
Mousebutton4 = kick
Mousebutton5= stealth

F1 too f12 some random stuff, like mount, heartstone

TAB = stealth
z = sap / F1 - focus sap
Shift-T = kick / T = focus sap
Shift-w = kidney / 4 = focus kidney
and others like Shift-1 - Shift 5, Shift-R/Shift-X/G ( a lot of keyboard letters )

P.S from ordinary numbers i have only 1,2,3

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