Ysera Malfurion, Ardenweald and Emerald Dream patch

What was the point of bringing Ysera back to Azeroth and send Malf man to sleep? AGAIN! She didn’t do anything during whole expansion and barely little in the patch.
I guess Blizzard want some emotional moment but people have enough of Ysera no matter how loved she is.
For whole expansion, we didn’t even see Alextrazsa and her having any dialogue with each other. Common. Alex! Your sister came back, talk with her. Nope. Ysera, fly to Valdraken and speak with your sister! Nope. And then at the end we got Alextrazsa saying to her sister that she is grateful for this time they spent with each other since she came back. What time?

I think they spend time off-screen, but yeah. Ysera was pointless and I have felt that way since the 10.0 quest where we brought her back.

Also I laughed out loud when she just went “See ya guys, I’m going back to discount Disneyland” and Malfurion didn’t come back. So is he stuck there for ever, if so I feel really bad for him, if not what was the point of that heartfelt goodbye he had with Tyrande?

Yah, we can think :stuck_out_tongue: But we don’t know. Only thing what I see is Alextrazsa talking about a family, and the one and only sister she have, she didn’t even bother to look for. And common, she came back from the death and took a place of probably most powerful mortal in WoW in the time he was needed the most, Again, and did nothing…
If they hate Malfurion so much. Then for God’s sake kill him. Give him one last and first heroic moment in wow. Make him do some impossible feet which costs him death. Better that then constant sleep. :smiley:
I don’t know if this is sad or funny anymore.

Malfurion will come back, when, I have no clue. Should have come back the moment Ysera left.
We’ll see. Problem is I don’t trust Blizzard anymore even with Metzen back

Just asking. What is the point of all of this. I would really like to know

Honestly in hindsight I think Malfurion would have been more useful than Ysera in DF, all she did was give a pep talk to her daughter.

Yup. He not being here is Tv show of wow writers not understanding anything about current WoW. He definetly deserved to be here more then any other character showed up in E.D. Including Tyrande.

Didn’t the devs pretty much state that they just wanted Malfurion out because they didn’t know what to do with him, since everything they would want to use him for could just be done by Tyrande? I seem to remember something like that…

Ah, here was what I meant, I think:

I was fortunate to have the opportunity [to ask Steve Danuser about the alleged trade ahead of the Dragonflight launch. I was relieved to know it wouldn’t be a permanent swap, which reassured me that maybe Merithra would get her moment. Additionally, he also talked a bit about the unfortunate reality of having a limited amount of time to tell the various stories in game often means only a handful of characters get their moments in the sun at a time. Since Tyrande was such a focus in Shadowlands , there wasn’t as much room for him as he’d be filling the same role narratively. The weirdness about the apparent reason there needed to be a trade wasn’t addressed, and in hindsight, that was most probably because it would have involved massive spoilers.


Might be a misquite though, I guess?

And I think in some other interview with some woman, someone asked about Malfurion and she answered something like this: Let’s not talk about Malfurion, lets talk about Vyranoth…
But all that talk with some people don’t mean anything unless it is showed in game.
Also, what was the point, again. Ysera came back, and did absolutely nothing. For her screen time, they could easily write in Malfurion as holding the barrier on his own. Small part but better then what Ysera got who actually didn’t even deserve to be here :stuck_out_tongue:
If only we got some story for her, I wouldn’t mind, but all she did was talking to her daugther and one shot one dijardin from air. Malfurion could do that easily lol

As for Tyrande and focus on her in Shadowlands. Now hat was a joke :stuck_out_tongue:

I just don’t think they can do anything connected to malfurion. Lack of imagination and writing skill.
Also, since WoW is now Disney, strong male character must go away :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t understand blizzards philosophy anymore. Since Legion all the writing is so much off of everything and even in the same expansion and in same patch there are contradictions. I can’t keep track of the story at all.

When I read a book, I expect prologue, main event, epilogue.
We had that until Legion but then it disapeared.

If any writers ever read this, I suggest they read Dan Simons Hyperion cantos to learn what a story should look like.
Also my all time favorite books.

This is what you get with diversity hire. Just like Disney. Absolutely no quality
Really hoping Matzen can save this

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nah Malfurion would have been easily manhandled by the incarnates to show powerful they are he would have been “worf’ed” the problem with bear owl man is that his to powerful knaak the hack did him a great dis-service by writing him to op in the novels

Nothing is keeping blizzard to nerf him to some degree in game. They will get some backlash but nothing as much as when they put him to sleep :stuck_out_tongue:

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