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i have faction changed to horde on my priest i am already at revered with zandalar and i have all the zandalari quests to do with that toon now. will doing the whole zandalari questlines and side quests get me to exalted? Im wanting to make a Zandalari troll. I am almost exalted on another toon with honorbound so its just the tides of vengence quest and the zandalari exalted that is holding me back.



Maybe depending how far into revered you are. There are an absolute ton of quests in zuldazar, I think I got around 16-18k rep clearing it


Thanks alot for the reply mate. I am about 1k in I think. Luckily I think the zandalari empire is on the world quests too arm. XD


Don’t forget the contract you can buy that gives rep for each WQ too. Contract: Zandalari Empire, from inscription.


It is indeed, do that and then hammer Zuldazar and you’ll be fine. It’s also a really interesting play through if you’re a troll fan. Enjoy


And as tip, besides main story there is tons of quests you just have to stumble on, so keep exploring everywhere to find even more quests for reputation.


Thanks for the replies everyone. I can’t wait now. XD. Do you think the heritage armour is worth it or would you just race change my troll druid?


That’s up to you. I did it and love the armour, I use it on every Zanda toon I have except this one - my rogue has his own special mog.


I wasn’t so sure about the armour at first but levelled one anyway and love it now. It looks a little out of place on non Zandalari areas but on the whole it was worth the grind.

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Others have given good advice, plus there is no reason you can’t do WQs while doing the Zuldazar quest line if you’re doing it at 120.

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Don’t forget the wanted posters!

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Do you like it? Just level it from 20 it’ll not take so long (probably!).


Thanks guys. I’ll do the levelling on it then for the armour. Hopefully I’m 120 and ready for 8.2 XD

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Probably not. Doing all the questlines puts you somewhere around the low mid honoured mark. You’ll be around 6k short methinks



I’m levelling a character specifically to get the Horde-side achievements right now. I just finished Loremaster of Zuldazar this morning, and I am 75 rep away from Honoured. I do have the optional side-quests still to do, and I reckon those will get me 25%-50% into Honoured.


I get bored of it … it’s up to you :slight_smile: Make a race change and lvl up another character to max lvl …


Don’t forget the assault on zuldazar rewards 500 rep once it’s done plus the 4~5 wq rep.

If it is avaible don’t miss it, it’s still a few WQ yo won’t have to farm


I’m about 2800 rep away from it. It’s so close but yet so far away it’s so annoying haha.

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This week you get extra rep from quests. So there’s that…

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