Zandalari Racial - Embrace of the Loa

So I am wondering PvP AND PvE wise, which loa buff is best for druid? (You can specify each spec with each loa that is best for PvP AND PvE) I’ve had this thought and I couldn’t really find an answer that tells me the most efficent buffs currently. Please let me know, I’d appreciate it a lot! :heart:

It depends on what you mean best, I like the 5% speed. You can’t be too fast as a druid.

Pa’ku or Bwonsamdi seems like the better ones.

Haven’t seen 3 stacks on Kimbul yet, nor even 2 stacks.

I’d honestly say they don’t matter too much so just pick up whichever’s utility you prefer the most.

Bwonsamdi is active on my tank and it scarcely breaches 0.5% of my dps and i have seen it reach above 1% about twice. So it’s negligible (and therefore the healing too, I’m running it on my protection warrior and all adds leading up to the first boss and the boss together bwonsamdi healed 10% of my hp, and that’s about 6 pulls so roughly 1.5%-2% healing on a trash group which translates to less than an auto attack).

My hunter’s running kimbul and it has even more grim results, I have seen 2 stacks once in roughly 5 dungeons when i was checking for it and never 3, also <1% of dmg dealt.

Pa’ku when you run the numbers would do even less good (4%crit for 12 sec on proc, every minute thats about 0.8% on average, so unless it procs at the right time and you can line it up with other cds, it’s impact on DPS, should also be somewhere around 0.3%, I think.)

As the healing and tanking shrines have no competitors I assume they are fine for their respective specs.
After this rundown my assessment: the combat bonuses provided offensively by shrines is as close to zero as it can be without actually being zero. Pick your favourite loa and you’re good to go!
(I’m thinking about running the 5% movement speed of Gonk, cause that’s at least a greater than 1 number, might actually notice it’s impact.)

Go Paku, you will get overall more use out of it, even as a class which doesn’t need crit.
Useless Bones doesn’t proc anywhere as often as it should to be useful in comparison.

Also, yes, Kimbul sucks.
Only use Gonk for speed running old content.

How is Krag’wa’s buff for tanking? Is it worth choosing or is it better to go with the crit from Pa’ku or the damage buff from Bwonsamdi?

If you’re going to ONLY do tanking, go Krag.
If you’re going to ONLY do healing, go Akunda
If you’re going to do any role that pops in the queue, go Paku and ignore Bwonsamdi/Kimbul.

Kimbul doesn’t stack enough to be useful, as mentioned before, you will only ever notice 1 stack of bleeds at most on most dungeon fights.
Bwonsamdi also has the same problem, doesn’t proc anywhere near enough to be useful.

i have leveled up a zanda bm hunter and i see 2-3 stacks of kimbul rather often when i pop cds. Seems to proc from all the dmg you do like dot dmg and the more haste, the more procs (felt like that atleast). i got a trinket one time that had a poison dot and i swear kimbul stacked up to 2-3 much more often when i had all dots on the target, cant confirm it more than what i saw from just playing.

Really bad imo, I’m swapping away today to 5% movement

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