Zandalari topic. When will the Alliance pay for their crimes?


First the world is still here it was just the continent.
Second malfurion and the night elf blew up the well to prevent a legion victory.
They payed for azarash arrogance with the death of there empire and 10.000 years of prepearing for the legion return.
So yes the night elf are reponsible there is still a world left to conquer.
You can thank them now.

Yes but we are talking about trolls.
By the way did the actively kill those who commited blood sacrifice or where more of: Not my problem mentality?

You are telling me that 10.000 years has past and there tech is still inferior to everyone else in the world?
Since you are so knowledable on trolls do tell me.
How many troll nations has advance between stone age technology levels?
From what i can tell:
Zandalar is the most advance troll tribe and there still in the iron age.
Not to mention that for such an advange culture they apparent wherent aware of the scourge, the legion, or any threat to there existance.
Sounds like they failed harder then the night elves.
Atleast the night elves where crushed by the horde and not there own incomptence.

Prententious: Claiming that or behaving as if one is important or deserving of merit when such is not the case.

The night elf back up where superiority with facts.
They had the greatest empire, They where immortal, They have the favor of the wild gods, They had the favor of the aspects, They control(tho dont dont claim to do so) nature.
There magic’s was unsurpassed until the birth of the mon-keigh.
The elves(all elves) have proven time and again to be great spellcasters, builders and warriors.
Where the trolls coudnt defeat a group of exile elves and there human pets.
Or despite having survived the cataclysm never advance there tech back up.

To be pretentious one must claim something that he is not.
The trolls claims to be the greatest spieces.
There so great infact that elune desided to imporve upon the flawed design until it was perfect and made the elves.
They where so great that despite loa, the golden fleet and there gold they where swept aside by deevoled trolls.
They where so great that in 10.000 years there tech level is still the same as it was 10.000 years ago.

Meanwhile the alliance and horde have flying airships, space ships, a portal network that is control by dalaran, seige tanks, gyrochoppers, demolishers that set world tree’s on fire from the shore, blight, necromancy, and the numbers and skill to fight off the legion, the scourge, iron horde and eatchother.
In fact the most damage to the world is when these two go to war.

So my little pretentious troll.
I ask you this:
What did the trolls do that makes them worthy on there claim.


Actually they were crushed by the Horde cause of their (and the alliance) incompetence.

They’re just a proud race with a great culture but there is nothing what really shows them worthy yet.


Let me clairfy then.
Yes the alliance got hit with the idiot ball but it still took an outside force to destroy them.
Had it not been for the horde zandalar would have been destroyed by neglect.



Right after the night elves got revenge for the unprovoked and intended annihilation of the majority of their race.

I suggest we go from Darkshore to orgrimmar, reconquer our land and burn down Orgrimmar while watching Sylvanas burn.

If that doesn’t happen, horde will never have any justification for attacking the alliance.



wake me up whenever you’re ready then. As for now, it’s all just talks.

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Isn’t it ironic that this comment is made when this thread is trending?

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Boy you got triggered. At least you should get your facts right.

Nelves were making blood sacrifices to Elune too :

How is that a fault?

Trolls had normal houses, and really nelfies are living on trees and in dens.

Like nelfies with “muh 10k years of experience” and the newest outrage how empowered Tyranda can’t beat a bowman?

-Created first Azeroth civilization, it’s cradle is still standing as Azeroth’s oldest city and it’s made out of gold. Built by their hands, unlike elves that are shown in comic to just raise buildins by magic.

-They defeated Aquir when Nelfies were sweating at Silithid alone, if it wouldn’t be for dragon’s help they’d be screwed a big time. Looks like without Well of Eternity they’re not as powerful.

-They defeated C’thraxxi on their own.
-They made better enchants than helfies to the point that helfies had to steal them because they couldn’t replicate them.
-They were favored by Wild Gods sooner than anyone else. To this day I see plenty of jelly nelfies that their ancients don’t give half as much damn as loa does for their followers.
-First ‘paladins’ on Azeroth.
-very complex religion
-Managed to shield much of their remaining territories from Saundering, and not just city. They’re second documented mortal race to use arcane.
-They have their own custom magic, which apparently is capable to oppose ‘oh so advanced’ Lightforged.

Just to name a few. Yes they’re losing most of the time, but it’s because they’re set up as antagonists. And Antagonists cannot win against PC. It’s simple as that.
But that doesn’t change the fact that they’re one of the very few really complex races, that have very easy to understand motives, they’re actually morally grey with all the meaning of the word.


That is nelf propaganda. So far nothing beside longer lifespan shows that elves have advantage over trolls. And really Elune is showing to be more and more inept. And the newest gossips might make out of her the worst deity there is.

There was Saundering few years ago that caused quite some damage.

Lazer dinos still seems to be very efficent. And really If Zandalari are stagnant, then nelfies devolved on their own wish because not only they didn’t improve their arts but they willingly regressed themselves. And they don’t even have an excuse of being on constant strife.

But bottom line is don’t throw a shade when you’re playing “troll of an elf”.


Not really just got bored.

Learned something new.

Mostly just a counter too:

Feel free to correct me but it seem to me they moved in after the titans where done cleaning up.

I woudnt call those building in game houses(outside of zandalar) but you are correct that the same is true for night elves.

Yeah atleast we can bond over that.
Tho there is one tiny difference.
One was defeated by a goddess empowered super warrior and the bowman defeated said super warrior.
Atleast the trolls lost because of divine intervention.

Looks like elves are the beter builders tho i give the zanadalari that they build to last.

Never denied that.
Elves are indeed extreemly depended on there magic and allies.

Ok no clue who that is.

So not only do elves suck without magic they also suck at magic.
As if i didnt have enough reason to hate the lore as it is.

I give you that the loa accauly seem to do stuff.
I suppose weak gods that help are indeed beter then strong god that abbandon you.


Where is this sheild?
Why did the lose control of so much of there land.
How come they didnt launch an invasion on the night elf when they where weak of civil war.

An other lore crime.
Really can blizzard just stop destroying the alliance.

I agree that is sucks to have a race you love reduced to nothing.
Look at the brightside tho.
Atleast your race was brough low by powerfull world shattering magic and god empowered warriors instead of hooligans walking all over you.

Ofcourse it is.
The entire evolved from troll is a insult to both side’s.

Blizzard: So we made elune real and powerful.
How do we prevent her from simply saving the night elves.
Ow i know we make her an uncaring and heartless goddess.

Did they conquer trolls before that?

I agree that the night elf willing became less advance.
What constant strife?

Sorry what is troll of an elf?

As always good arguements.

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I disagree with this. Prelates are not paladins. The term “paladin” applies to the human order of offensive Light-Wielders created during the Second War.

Prelates follow their respective Loa, which grant them power. Not the Holy Light itself.

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Well yes, but trolls are native to Azeroth. Old Gods are aliens that sought to destroy the planet. Trolls created first civilization that is native to this world.

They had a keeps made out of stone, The very first time Blizzard actually put some time to make truly a grand city was in WotLK in Zul’Drak. Both this city and Zuldazar were showing a great engineering skills. As not only in architecture skill but in terms of traps and hidden passages (rotating bridges, moving staircases), they’re no strangers to jewelcrafting and enchanting. They’re not your typical savages.

I like to compare it to hand built mansions to 3D printers createations. While 3D printers are indeed a remark of great engineering skills, the houses they managed to create just don’t have the same value as structure made by hand.

Same goes in general when it comes to hand-made stuff to mass production.

It was the guy that Tyr failed to kill. And Amani killed him to be precise they made a heroic stand and pressed against him. Look now how dirty they were done.

I didn’t say that they suck at magic, but enchants. The enchants Amani had were created by Zanza. And it was Vanilla lore.

Yes I also see it as huge benefit, Loa might not be superpowers by today’s standarts, but they still assist their followers and are integral part of the societies. The Loa choice defines the troll, and do your character.

It was in Isle of Thunder scrolls. Zandalari shielded themselves from Saundering but then Chronicles came and said that they still got some damage. I don’t know how to make sense out of it.

But after Saundering they were shocked to be stuck in the middle of the ocean, building navy, army and influence takes time I suppose.

I was arguing that it actually somehow made sense, not in over the top way it was presented in game. But if we look at it from different point of view - Draenei never encountered trolls nor voodoo. They were fighting Legion head on and the fel magic, but Voodoo is much more subtle than that. I think it made sense that Draenei were literally alien (pun intended) to troll magics xD.

Not sure I understand.

Well I mean that for example Amani also regressed, they had thriving empire - look at Jintha’Alor from Vanilla that place was really impressive and imagine having more structures like that spreading through Eastern Kingdoms. But now they’re just a tribe that lives in huts fighting for survival because of years of constant battle. Night elves had it relatively peaceful at Kalimdor. They only had War on Satyrs and War of Shifting Sands to truly challenge them.
Eastern Kingdoms had seen overall far more battles.

Well I was reminding what Elisande said.

Yes, they’re holy warriors, servants of their god, they channel holy magics, fight of heretics, protects their holy city and royal family. But they’re not paladins hence I put quotation mark.

It was a matter of concept of “holy warrior” that is using divine magic. As there is no greater honor than to become prelate, the Loa’s chosen.

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Amen to that!


A male human Paladin. In my topic??? Loa! This is heresy.


Sorry typo.
From my understanding.
The nightwarrior and well of eternity allow the night elf to conquer troll lands effortlessly.
To the point the trolls where stealing there own gods power in vain just to stand a chance.
The sunndering happend after the conquest. Not before correct?


You are aware nelfs are Trolls who changed/evolved from the Magic of the Sunwell right? Trolls are the first ever race on Azeroth, and probably the only natives since Unlike Vrykyl. Dwarves n gnomes , trolls were not created by the Titans. It was the life that naturally grew in Azeroth.

Cthraxxi are Old God Generals, much like how Mythrax was in Uldir. Trolls hunted down these Cthraxxi Generals, after they had come into contact first with Xalatath, and that is actually how Troll Tribes were found all over the world. The Trolls sent to Stranglethorn were hunting a Cthraxxi down and then settled there. They were the first to succesfully kill Cthraxxi relying on their own power, usually with heavy casualties though


Well of eternity.
Not sunwell.
That was a weak copy created later by the high elves.
And yes i am aware of the lore insult to the elves.

I am aware yes.
I merely pointed out that they too build on the ruins of a previous civilization.
Just like every race since.
Since trolls love to claim right of first settlement(A meaningless right but that is a topic for an other time)
That claim would have no validity as the first settlement where the old gods.
Sure they wherent native but that doesnt change there claims.
Right of first settlement has nothing to do with origin/where you are from.
Just that you where there first.


Well actually the first settlement would be what was there before the Old gods landed, cause Old Gods arent native. And since we know the elements, elemental lords and the spirit element (that in some weird way results in life) preceded the Old gods, it is likely Trolls too were there in the Black Empire, it is speculation tho.

I stand corrected yes. Still having coffee

In lore sources about the not exactly War but rather confrontation between nelfs and Trolls it is mentioned that Azshara performed an incredible display of power to basically scare the sht out of Trolls and it worked cause after they each stayed about their lands, but mostly because both sides knew that a War would be costly cause ok Azshara was broken but th Zandalari were not pushovers.

So they just chilled seperately till Azshara split the continent “Whoops. Sry this was not the deal I made”


Which is why the entire claim of first settlement means nothing.
You can go all the way back to the first germs having rights because there first.
I firmly believe in right of might.
If you can hold it.
It is yours.
I am not even anger the horde is holding ashenvale or darkshore.
I am anger at how blizzard made the night elves looks like toddlers with zero skill and the horde simply walking right over them.
And no the books dont change that.

So basicly the elves threatend with nukes?


Sounds very Azshara-like

Well I know many fanboys and people would disagree, but I actually believe this is a great opportunity to re-brand the nelfs.

I mean for 10.000 years they have been the guys always standing up to the Legion, taking preventive measures in the form of not practising Arcane and masters of Ashenvale and Darkshore. Their Territories.

Yet time and again “newer” (Humans etc not sure how to call it) have proven that we actually need every magic we can get Arcane and all, hell even Fel, to fight said forces. With Illidan being the pinacle of their mistaken approach, since not only had he found the way to defeat the Legion, he also led us to Victory using Arcane Fel and everything we could muster.

Then after mythbusting their “dont use arcane” culture, their Territories were found to be the only ones on a Horde dominated Kalimdor, so they were bound to be involved in this War.

Its a great chance to bring out the fierce nelfs , and personally I am glad they didnt continue that story on Darkshore cause how shallow would retaking Darkshore be… instead they can now be present in future conflicts very determined for War, much like how Genn is after Gilneas. We’ll have to see


Funny and true.

I think most people just want warcraft 3 night elves back.
Even there they lost alot but atleast they where fighting.
Not just dieing to show off the might of the horde.

I did the war of thorn on a boosted blood elf warlock.
The entire time i was just dispointed at how easy the night elves died.
There was no feeling of struggle.
No victory.
It was like they wherent even there.
This was the race that gromm hellscream respected.
This was the race that defeated the legion in the past.
And yet in world of warcraft they:
Send there forces away to go prevent the horde from claiming silith when there is a massive horde army next door.
Said horde has tried and invade ashenvale 3 times already.
Get walk over like they arent even there.
Unable to stop a blood elf rogue who somehow has a 7000 year old reason to hate the night elves.
I mean i dont think blood elves every got that old.
They where long lived but not immortal.
But even if they did there wasnt any contact between night elves and blood elves until recently.
10.000 years without contact and this guy has a 7000 year old grudge.
I believe the author later appolige for this mistake but i am not sure.
Anyway back on topic.
The entire war of thorne and seige of loderan was an insult to alliance players.
Our leaders are turned into morrons.
Our forces cant fight.
And our dimigods are afk.
Instead of having the horde win a hard fought war against the night elves(something they can entirely do as shown in warcraft 3) they just curbstom there way to ashenvale and darkshore like the night elves wherent even there.
And that more then anything pisses me off about bfa.
The night elves didnt just lose.
They where reduced to little more then bugs for the horde to step on.


Sorry but I’ve been playing since WC3 (nelfs too ironically) and I believe you are mistaking what was “Orcs” back then, especially in the Ashenvale story where Grom kills Cenarius, with what “The Horde “ is today.

The Horde War Machine is forsaken and Blood elves, and nightborne and all that magic on top of Orcs, and Taurens and Trolls and demolishers and voodoo and Goblin gyrocopters etc

It makes PERFECT SENSE for a single race , namely nelfs, to be roflstomped by the might of a united faction.

So yeah… people who think like you do imo overestimate the nelfs.

Its like if the Alliance in unison with Draenai, dwarf tanks, gnome technology, nelfs, void ellfs and portals and Jaina attacked Silvermoon… we can write thousands of senteces about their rich heritage sunwell blah blah but they would be roflstomped.

As I said in a different post, in Azeroth there is no United Nation and the factions are the closest thing in globalisation.

So when the United States of America invade you and you are like “but we are this unique nation with rich history” well… you are one nation against several so it is expected to go sideways