Zen flight flying speed

Dear Blizzard:

Please make the Zen flight spell have the same flying speed as the druid travelform.

As it stands right now it is an extremely niche ability that really only works for roleplay and occasionally saving yourself from a fall in a few open world places, which a goblin glider can just as easily do.

It would add a lot of class fantasy seeing monks flying around on clouds and not just as a glorified sitting animation.

All the mechanics are already in the game, just change the mountspeed in the code. It is a very easy quality of life feature that would please a lot of people.

9.1.5 is around the corner Blizzard!

I promise i’ll commit to a 6 month sub if you implement this.

Sidenote, buff mistweaver plz <3

Regards , Pouks.


I always thought this, I don’t see why they don’t but they only give druids exciting things. No other classes get anything interesting. Just look at the new travel forms or bear forms druids are getting, every expan druids get cool stuff while the others are left to rot.

Yeah exactly seems like druids are getting their yearly dose of class fantasy and cosmetics while a lot of classes are rarely touched.

The zen flight is one of the easiest “fixes” there is for this, should take a coder 10 minutes to change the value to max flying speed (if you have the riding skill ofcourse).


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