Zenedar - dead server. People are leaving wow


For a MMO game, I must alert you that I don’t have anyone to play with. And this situation is getting worse every day.

Yesterday we waited in queue for RBG like 6 hours and played 4 games in total. You can check my logs.

Alliance on Zenedar and on our battlegroup is very low. My guildies are waiting for a tank for more than an hour in mythic+ LFG.

Please do something about it. Unify the realms, more battlegroups. While looking for arena partners, there are like 8-10 groups on LFG and half of them are boosters / sellers.

If I switch sides and realms, on horde there are plenty of players and servers with tens of thousands of players.

Do we all have to pay a transfer to be able to enjoy your game ? Or are you going to fix this situation, as you should ?! We’re all paying customers and we deserve the same gaming experience, not divided by realms and by population.

If technology was an issue 15 years ago, when you had a server machine for each realm, now it’s everything on cloud servers and you have like 0 reasons to still keep wow realms like this, except for the greed to cash in on character transfers.

Please revise your money making strategy and unify all servers, because people aren’t paying your 30 euro for a char transfer but is abandoning your game because of such dead realms.

WoW isn’t playable without a healthy number of players. This morning in Oribos I’m alone with 3-4 other players. IN THE ENTIRE ORIBOS !!! Seriously ? I don’t even have someone to talk to.

there are plenty of busy alliance realms and you playing on a horde dominated and generally low pop realm does not help either.

yes there are less alliance players but its not unplayable and late at night/early in the morning there are always few lfg groups, even on the horde side.

you can either pay a character transfer with real money or with in game gold/tokens.
or you could, however, just bite the bullet and level a new character alltogether somewhere else.

and as for rbgs, i ll just assume you mean random battlegrounds and not rated, alliance has the quickest queue times so i dont really believe that statement as random battle grounds are not realm specific.
for rated, well, everyones in the same boat.

This has nothing to do with the server. All content can be done crossrealm, regardless of server. Even mythic Castle Nathria can now be done crossrealm now that 100 guilds on both factions have cleared it.

Battlegroups have been gone for about 10 years. The only things that are server locked is the auction house and the mythic raid prior to hall of fame completion. The problem is that the entire Alliance faction on EU is dead.

As for seeing few players in the world, you can thank war mode for that. However, that doesn’t affect grouping (except for in WQs).

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