Zereth Mortis Flying Available This Week

Guides been on wowhead for a while now

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Do we have to kill 10 specific rare bosses or any?

Will have to put some effort in the zone, I was mostly running around and doing daily quests. :slight_smile:


Flying in TBC was behind both a level gate, and to an extent a gold gate due to the expense back then and scarcity of gold.

WOTLK was behind a level gate (77 I believe)

Thing is the whole idea of the game has been behind tine gates.

can we just not talk about character level gating because that’s how it should work. You reach max level you earn flying. That’s not “gating”

Just found a couple of guildies who had not done Tales of the Exile… if you are still missing that one, the co-ords for each chapter (from wowhead) are below.

Tomtom co-ordinates:
/way 35.75 55.46 Firim in Exile, Part 1
/way 41.74 62.44 Firim in Exile, Part 2 (In Bitterbeak nest )
/way 37.54 46.01 Firim in Exile, Part 3 (Under bushes)
/way 49.82 76.56 Firim in Exile, Part 4
/way 39.03 31.09 Firim in Exile, Part 5 (In Cave)
/way 67.42 25.18 Firim in Exile, Part 6
/way 64.83 33.64 Firim in Exile, Part 7
/way 34.25 48.70 Firim in Exile, Epilogue (On table) Not required - just for completionists


The levelling process itself has always been a form of gating. Not saying it shouldn’t exist, just that gating is its purpose, and if you only get flying at max level, it is being gated.

Rather fortuitously done both of these in one hit - last scroll needed was right next to last rare needed, so killed 2 birds with one stone. Just the campaign bit needed which I will do soon as my kids go to school tomorrow

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Just 10 different ones

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Now if only they allow flying in The Maw and Korthia


This…but i think they did unthinkable and made these zones without flying. I would actually go and do that zones if flying were enabled.

Although it is now time to fly.

I do want to add that exploring ZM by ground these past few weeks really has been a great experience.

I do think new zones are always better when they are ground based.

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I doubt that’ll be the case. Everyone will be able to fly, and the chests have a short respawn timer. :slight_smile:

As for me, I can’t wait to be able to fly above those annoying mobs and take some cool screenshots of the zone from above. :grin:

In your opinion.

Don’t make it sound as if it’s fact, because it’s not.
The way flying works in this patch is excellent imo.

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You can just assume people are aware they are giving their opinion, it doesn’t need to be pointed out every time.

It is how it always worked. So not only my opinion, but facts.

Forum dwellers, at least they are good at something.

It’s not that I don’t want flying in ZM, because I do.

It’s that I don’t see the point of witholding it for 3 weeks and 1 day, and requiring players jump through some hoops. I do not feel enriched by 22 days spent on the ground. (Probably 23, since tomorrow is raid day and I doubt I can finish the storyline around it.)

Finally we get to waste less time traveling to a rare just to see it die before we can tag it.

Finally we can stop being Ventyr for the sake of the Door of Shadows and we can go back to being Night Fae for farming gold from the command table


Yes it is!

Yiu are gated behind needing to do something!

We have had to work for flying for longer than we got it for gold.
We had flying for gold for 7 years, we have had Pathfinder for 8 years.
Flying for Gold was in from BC to end of MoP, Pathfinder from WoD to present

Me too. I got my 10th rare yesterday so that’s them all apart from the Campaign.
The scrolls one was nice and easy.
The treasures one was the one I feared most but there were five that could be reached without jumping on trees or floating rocks etc.
The side stories one was fine too, just some standard questing.
Explore the zone just happened whilst doing the others.
The rares took ages, they were not easy to get to and lots of death in the dunes maze in the north, highly populated with nasty mobs, whilst trying to reach raid groups killing rares. Meh, it’s done now with flying I’ll be able to get to rares if I need to.

I hope flying will make the Weekly less tedious.