ZG Zidormi


Can you add Zidormi to STV and allow a time/phase shift back to old ZG so folks can continue farming for the mounts.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Yes please! :slight_smile:


no pls, i did 250runs to get those mounts, those who did not do it in time should not get it.

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Its not a freebie or handout. You’d still need to go in and do the work and the impact on your gameplay is minimal to none. Just an NPC in a zone you likely will never visit again.

I agree with Avalonen, even though I don’t have the mount, the rarity is what makes items sought after. Yes, it is true that it is quite hard to get it even now BUT since they made mounts account wide all you really need is for only one character to get it so at the same time it’s much easier. I mean it’s my personal opinion but if you make everything too available the “wow” factor is reduced and I personally love this game partially because of the rarity of some things like Naxx items etc.

They can add a way to get ZG Tiger/Raptor back in right after they add in back Naxx 40 :wink:

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Yes and No.

Its like what a 1% drop chance each time you try. A lot of players simply won’t care as the classic game moves forward, they’ll have other things they want to complete.

Keeping an option for those interested in spinning the wheel of fortune isn’t going to degrade those who have it.

If this was a mount that required technical knowledge and skill, required huge investment into quests and rep then yeah maybe I’d agree. That’s why I’m not asking for Zidormi in Silithus, that time has been and gone and with it the mount.

ZG mounts are just a drop chance, you either get lucky with RNG or you don’t, it’s not an earned rarity item in the same way the Scarab mount is.

What about people who did 250 runs and didn’t get it? And for that matter, why do you deserve to have it for soloing easy content long after it ceased to be relevant? If it’s about having to have earned it, then it should have disappeared at the end of Vanilla.

When a reward is removed because it’s no longer a challenge to acquire, that’s one thing. When it’s removed because someone simply didn’t get it to drop at a certain time before it was arbitrarily revamped long after it became trivial content for half of the classes, that’s quite another.

bad luck, got to do more runs then, both mounts can be aded back in a black market container. i did my 250 runs of zg right after christmas just so i was sure i could get them before cata, it that was not the case i would not have done it on that mnay char every 3 days for months, just because you are not willing to put down the work to get them dont mean blizzard should hand them out to you later, just like the achivments mounts from 25 and 10man naxx, they messed up by allowing players to get those post ulduar.

I have both of the mounts, after about 200 runs in total. The fact I happen to be playing the game at a time when it’s trivial to run through the bosses eight times a week by myself is not a personal accomplishment, and there is no reason people shouldn’t be able to do the same trivial content for the same reward in a year’s time, just like they can with Rivendare’s Deathcharger or Raven Lord. The fact they were removed is an arbitrary coincidence of the fact the zones were redone long after they became trivial, not some protection of the precious prestige afforded to me by spending half an hour throwing four tanks at them every three days.


And here your arguments fall apart. Its rng …you couldnt be sure to get them. You could habe done 1 million runs and not get them.
You got lucky and now you want the entire rarity of those mounts held hostage against those who didnt get it yet. I wonder what your stance would be if YOU didnt get lucky.
They wont do it, now its for sure since they even announced the remowal of those, but still.

Let ppl still get it…it doesnt matter if they do their 250 runs in wrath or cata…

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nah, you just dont deserve them, if you have not got them yet you dont deserve to get them, this is not a charity, i want stuff that you dont, i want to run around in mounts you dont and make fun of you, thats why we play wow to show we are better then evryone else, thats gaming in general. so no you should not get it.

Enjoy your little hill.

Imagine being this upset about Blizz leaving the door open for players to run a Vanilla raid for a mount to drop with ~ 1%


Its not even a flying mount, which is what everyone is going to care about from Cata onwards.

Meanwhile, how many other mounts will still be available to hunt down?

Hold on while I check my Mysterious Egg…

You get your chance with the Mount again later with the Black Market.

You had almost 5 years to farm these mounts lol.

Yup, and every time I click that corpse I get the same drop chance.

What’s the point in your statement? Or is it just another “Muh rng, tough luck” argument.

There will allways be 2 sides of this conversation.
Those who farmed the mount and got it.
Those who didnt.

Endless discussion

Yes, but this isn’t the original game and the tech exists (as does the foresight) to just add an NPC to a zone, not even a new end game zone just a zone.

Other mounts are still there to be farmed so why not this one?

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If you are referencing to relevance of the expansion…let me remind you that ypu have farmed these vanila raid mounts in wrath. So technicaly you dont deserve them either?

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They should add that to retail too!

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Except that Blizzard themselves have said that they regret removing them to begin with - which is why they never removed the Ulduar ones. It’s also why they didn’t remove them in Classic this time around - and it seems like they’re not removing them in pre-patch (and possibly Cata) either this time (if the blue post about what’s removed in Pre-patch is anything to go by).

A mount with 1% drop chance does not mean there’s any effort involved in getting it - you could go there and get it on the first try. Removal of mounts/raids/dungeons/items is bad.

And you think you deserve them because of luck?

You’re wrong there.

There’s 3 sides.

Those who got it and want to gatekeep for the hell of it.
Those who didn’t get it and wants it added back (or just not removed).
And those that did get it, and don’t care if it’s brought back (and think it’s dumb to have it removed in the first place.

Should’ve, yeah - they’re not gonna just like how they’re not gonna add T3 back in retail without spending millions. Due to the BMAH and people having already spent millions of gold buying those mounts/tiers - it’d be a slap in the face to those players by adding it back.