Zone Level Scaling Problem

The zones scales to my level so if I fall between levels 10-30 (depending on the zone) so if I’m level 22 the monsters will be level 22 in those zones.

But, I already had to block my xp because, otherwise, I could not enjoy all the stories in all zones (risking leveling too much), however, even if I am level 22 and the enemies adapt to level 22… that’s all damn easy!

Is it possible to adapt the zone to a higher level (if the zone limit is 30) leaving my character level at 22, so as to make it more enjoyable and less easy?

Maybe doing group sync with a person in the higher level party, or changing some setting?

Because I want to make all the stories of all the areas, I like them very much. But it’s already boring to have level locked to avoid leveling too much … but even with enemies too easy to kill it’s even more boring

Hoping that someone can help me, thank you very much!

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No, it isn’t possible to quest in a zone a little above your level. Group sync with a higher level player scales his level down, not your level up.

What you can do, and is much better than locking your XP, is make multiple characters (“alts”) and spread them out across the zones.

Sorry to tell you but Wow has been made easier with Shadowlands and you won’t have enough levels to go through all the story the game has to offer. You are probably going to want to create several characters and put them through different expansion using Chromie time.
To make things harder you can opt to only wear white gear sold by merchants in the cities instead of equipping the stuff you get from quests.
Maybe go look into some challenges:

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