Zskera Vault Bug

Yesterday I unlocked a 5-6 doors before reset. Then gone to farm keys. When I come back I couldn’t open any doors and the doors which I opened before was closed too.

I waited few reset and hotfixes but stuition didnt changed at all. All the doors are uninteractable and closed.


Same exact thing has happened to me.

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Yeah, same here, any update on it?

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Have you actually bothered to report it yet? They can’t give updates on stuff that nobodies told them about…

Also, its incredibly rare that they give out “updates” on anything, before its added to the patchnotes as a bugfix. Support aren’t developers, and as such, don’t know what the developers are working on, in order to “update”.

I reported it and I was asking the creator of the topic if he found a solution. First I tried to find anyone with the same problem or bug before reporting it. After a day waiting for an ingame solution I reported it but I also keep looking for someone with the same problem to know if there is a solution to it. We’re paying for this content and a bug shouldn’t have to keep us spending our time on other things, so I look for a solution as fast as I can

Nope, no solution. I am reporting it everyday but noting changed yet. Also I searched this problem in support forums a lot. I have seen some people in US having that issue as well but like me they dont have any solution too. (I am the creator of topic btw, changed the displayed name)

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I have this issue also. Pretty annoying since I opened a lot of doors, now I am going to have to do this over again to gain the benefit of opening all doors.

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