ZT Era Discord server

As part of the ZT revival project, the few remaining players of both Alliance and Horde have decided to recreate the ZT discord server.
This should help with cross-faction cooperation, and in general give the ZT community a single common social hub to interact in.

Zandalar Tribe Classic ERA invitation code: axYU7A3AEk


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Raise from your sleep, come join the BiS realm!


Current online is already enough to go dungeons. We have even small but steady improving AH for low tier trade goods and gear.


Hey everyone o/
i wanted to make a suggestion, we can of course post in these forums and as we have seen some people reply but we could also take these to the Classic Era general instead of only server specific, that way more people will see these.

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Our discord server has grown nicely. Recently passed the 100 members benchmark.

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