Zul'Gurub Opens April 16

He doesn’t need a “feel”, he needs to polish the clear and cut every second possible, to achieve a “world first”.

why would u cringe tryhard raid in classic? thats what retail is for, where u have to pull 400 times before landing a kill

You and your meta min-max mentality is the definition of everything thats wrong in Classic.


Thx for long waited content but when shall you fix current bugs especially on Alterac Valley? After phase 6? It seems like to fix them harder than release new content…

Thank god i needed this so much in my life right now.

Idk why, I personally wouldn’t, but some like speedrunning, don’t pretend you didn’t know.

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Why is there no information about leeway and spellbatching? Why is forced lag still enforced in 2020?
It’s so easily solved considering how much it’s destroying the classic experience. Nobody actually wants to play with forced lag, just like nobody wants to play with bugs or cheaters so start listening to the community

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Cool, how about you guys make improvements to the battlegrounds ?

It’s heartbreaking that the end game content is so irrelevant with some old fashioned matchmaker. You guys allow solo queuers to form randomly generated teams and fight full premade teams, which is some very bad flaw.

Why not make pvp fair and fun ?

  1. Premade vs premade with 10% + honor
  2. pug vs pug normal honor

its simply not fair to grab 10 random guys on the street and put them to fight 10x judo guys to death

What bugs?

There’s news! Silithus Phase 4 content will be there too!


Does this mean the questchain for Dungeon set 2 will be live too?

I too wonder what exactly is this P4 Silithus content? Surely not the Tier 0,5 quests and Field Duty grind with Battlegear quests and Windstones and Twilight sets and all that, that supposed to unlock with the AQ gates opening? Or do I remember it wrong?

P4 Silithus Content:

  • Twilight Cultist Sets, Windstone Summonings
  • Twilight Encrypted Texts (for recipes or CC reputation)
  • 20 Str Bufffood
  • Craftable Mail NR gear (no cloth, leather, plate or back, that is all phase 6, the +15NR enchant for back is phase 5 though)

Brilliant plan launching zg with 9 hours reset timer. Who would have thought the server would crash?

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Nothing less expected tbh

ZG was open and game worlds closed

Fix your servers!

terrible. we wanted the content, not the issues from 15 years ago…

Like… we all already know that blizzard is incompetent by now right? I mean… they made retail wow.

But this is just beyond anything. This is literally, not figuratively, but LITERALLY worse than ACTUAL vanilla.

Good job!

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…Or does it?