Zylos Hand, Ratslayers of the lands unite!

Greetings and Salutations Hordelings and aspiring Zylopfian Ratslayers!

It has been seasons of slaying since His Highness King Zylopfa of Zylos has addressed you
on these weathered boards of communication.
As you all know Zylos Hand is dedicated to the extermination of the ratty alliance
where ever they might be found in the lands of azeroth and beyond.

With the destruction of N’Zoth, a being who has overslept the Bot-O-Clock 5000 and
snoozed it more than 10.000 times, the Zylopfian Scholars and Warmongers has ceased
the moment and begun once more to enlist ruthless and uncompromising ratslayers.

By analyzing the battlefield from above, the Zylopfian Luftwaffe and Forward Ratslayer Battalion
have found that the fabric of reality has been shattered and the entrance to another
magnificent realm of mayhem and mindful slaying has been opened.

It will come to no surprise to King Zylopfa that the rats will once more more amass from the sewers
of Storm Wind and like Lemmings storm out to every part of the newly discovered realm beyond realms.

The Shadowlands, the realm where the dead souls get judged will by the nature of things be filled to
the rim, with quadrillions of alliance rats having met their end through the infinite mercy of the
Zylopfian Ratslayers. What great chance it will be for Zylopfians and Horde alike to slay them once
more and maybe send them to a place where they won’t come back!!

King Zylopfa The Omnipotent once more call upon exiled ratslayers and battle hardened hordelings,
in order to once again bring an end to the alliance rat infestation, be it in azeroth or in the
newly discovered afterlife!

When there is no more room in hell, the alliance rats will walk the shadowlands!

Let the slaying commence!
Hail And K!LL
King Zylopfa The Omnipresent.


Hail King Zylopfa,

It warms my frozen heart to see the return of the great rat slayer once more. Though we may have aged, one thing remains the same and will never change - our calling to torment, exterminate and consume the Alliance vermin.

We have our work cut out this time around as their numbers are vast and as a result many have a new found testicular fortitude!

See you on the killing fields.

Kind regards,

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Greetings King,

You have enough rats to slay, you have your work cut out for you here. Ever since the endless hordes of Argent dawn inbreeds have arrived they are endless and eager to kill every time they outnumber.

Hail and Kill!

Good luck with the guild, hopefully see you out in the world (but not to much). :grinning:


Great people! Been ganking with this legend = awesome.

Hail sweet kingrd

The gnome prince stands ready to support you.

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