Zylos Hand

Greetings And Salutations hordelings,
Zylos Hand will once again roam the motherland of Azeroth,
seeking out to finish the job started so many years ago.

The alliance rats are once again let loose roaming the lands,
taking our resources and littering in Silverpine forest.
This must stop!!

Zylos Hand will rid the lands of the alliance infestation by slaying
every single alliance rats we meet. The most suited rats will be sewn
into abominations used for guard duty in our beloved Undercity,
the rest will be used to fertilize The Zylopfian Rosegarden in Zylos Hand
in eastern plaguelands. (Tyrs Hand to blizzard).

Let the ratslaying begin, even if it means dismounting first.

Hail And K!LL
King Zylopfa The Omnipotent


Hail the King!
Hail Zylopfa!

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Glad to see that you´re still alive, Zylopfa!

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Good luck and stay away from da voodoo!

Hail master Zylo Slayer of Rats,

I am but a mere long forgotten Forsaken soul hailing from the former Ravenholdt server from before the great Panda plague wich turned all Azeroth denizens into furry carebears and erased all braincells from excistence as a side effect.

Now that sentient beings seem to have come to their senses again it warms my cold dead heart to see you’re returned to the lands of Azeroth to crush al who stand against the Forsaken and feast on their candy brains.

Reunions aside, I wish to discuss plans of mass rat extermination. As the Gehennas server is overflooded by both rats and exterminators alike the Zylos Hand vision is looking to expand its rat purging vision to different realms aswel.

I tried to establish communications on the Zylos Hand homepage base but due to obvious reasons the site is unable to verify my humanity. My suspicions are sabotage of Gnome origin. Hence why I reach out to you trough the Carebear Candy Crush forums.

I hereby request your permission to expand the Zylos Hand Rat Purge Vision to the EU server Ashbringer. On a sidenote I’d like to add that brainrot has invested my ability to proces rationale in the past. If you’d desire I’d be able to open up the character name of Zylopfia on the Ashbringer and Flamelash server.

May death be on your side always and that once again we may kill alliance rats where ever we might find them, even if this means dismounting first.

Victory for King Zylo, Death to all Rats

Welcome back Zylos Hand - is Valde with you guys by any chance?

Best regards,

Omfg, I cant believe your back Zylopfa.
Is it the same as Zylos hand from horde side on Frostwhisper EU, back in TBC? Had a thousands of fight with my night elf male rogue (same name as now), must say a bunch of totally dedicated pvp players and had some very skilled players altough some seemed really rude sometimes.
Welcome and see you on the fields once again :slight_smile:

Zylos Hand members do not require display of etiquette towards livestock.

You can read the guidelines on carebare behavior here: zyloshand .com

imgur. com/0Z1EUhh.png

PS: Remove space betweem inmgur. com/0Z1EUhh.png

How do I verify my humanity great King Zylopfa?