Alt Exp - any expansion

I believe will be very cool if once you did all quests and maxed all reputation with a char on the current expansion if you could level up till max level on any other previous released content…

I am “a bit” altoholic, but leveling up and doing the same quest repetitevely in the same zone is a bit boring after a while (I did it already with 6 different classes).

I believe that if implemented, this bring 2 nice things:
1- incentivise to do all with a main (max also all reps) to unblock previous expansions with alts
2- create more variety in exping and complete old content with alts.

It will be nice to understand if this could be interesting for others and maybe in future implemented.

Enjoy the vacation on Azeroth :slight_smile:


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At the moment, speaking with Chromie in your faction’s Capital City allows players to actually select the expansion they prefer to level up in; they can choose whatever expansion up until level 60.
It is only logical that the current content will always be the place for players reach max level, otherwise even current zones will risk to become underpopulated at best.
Still you can decide to level up each of your alt in a different expansion up to level 60, living a different story everytime so it won’t be too boring :slight_smile: