Chromie Time is so badly managed

This doesn’t make sense.

Why Blizzard? Why can’t I use Chronie Time with my first character that I did BFa and Shadow with? Why can’t I use it to have fun and play all the expansions? Why do I have to do this with a second character? And because even in that case I have to block the experience otherwise I would go up to 50 and I would not be able to do other ones.

It’s all so badly handled …

This is italian forums, pal!

il “chromie time” e’ il “nuovo” modo di livellare i personaggi successivi al primo (a patto che il primo abbia raggiunto il livello 50), mi sembra ovvio che non vale per il primo, se con il main volevi giocare tutte le espansioni senza le agevolazioni dovute al livello ed all’equipaggiamento, dovevi bloccare l’exp al livello 49

We italian we don’t want to understand you. :smiling_imp: