How can i change dungeon finder expansion?

hi guys, I just hitted lvl 60 in shadowlands and i dont know why my dungeon finder is locked on BFA. What can i do to switch from BFA dungeons to Shadowlands ones?


This is actually the Italian forum but I hope I can help you anyway.
Dungeon Finder should change automatically and give you the list of dungeons related to the expansion where you chose to level in.

Did you choose Shadowlands expansion using Chromie time?
Did you try and pick Shadowlands introductory quest to see if this triggers the dungeon finder?

Remember that, if you hit level 60 and bought Dragonflight expansion, you can now have access to the content of the new expansion - so this means new dungeons as well, that will be available while you level up your character to level 70.

yes, i did choose shadowlands with chromie and finished all the campaign, so now i dont have the introductory quest of shadowlands.
Thankyou for the fast response btw

If you already finished all the Campaign it means you already did Shadowlands introductory questline :sweat_smile:

You just reached level cap, so either you “walk” (or better fly) to the dungeons if you want to do them again, or you can hop into Dragonflight content.