MACRO: Showtooltip

I have created the following macro to cast a spell depending on the talent I chose.
i.e. on my hunter for T2

/cast [nochanneling:rapid fire] [talent:2/3] Explosive Shot
/cast [nochanneling:rapid fire] [talent:2/2] Barrage

Now if I take the talent Explosive Shot all is fine. The icon shown is correct.
However if instead I select Barrage, the macro works, but the icon shown is the ugly question mark.

Is there a way to tell in the macro which icon to display in a case like this one adjusting accordingly to the only spell I have?

try to force the showtooltip condition

#showtooltip [talent:2/3] Explosive Shot ; [talent:2/2] Barrage

p.s. we are on the Italian forum, then “possiamo parlare come mangiamo”.

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