PvP Needs some SERIOUS rework - especially solo Q

ive won 4 out of 6 rounds at rating 1476 with people all above 1600. did 2 killing blows as healer ( not by chance , i was fiiiighting for our team or wed have lost all kill windows ), healed 1M more than other healer who was same rating as me , did 2M dmg more, was the overall winner at 4wins with all others at 3 max . and i got 3, i mean 3 rating. meanwhile when i lose 3 rounds i lose above 60 rating per solo shuffle. how am i supposed to rank at all ?!

im not pretending to be a glad or uber pvp pro at 3k, but good god theres a gray area, I shouldnt be stuck in the 1500s/1600s . i went easy in the 2.1ks in prepatch on solo. now hitting 1.7k feels like a miracle.