Diablo 2 Battle.net Can't connect for 1 Month

Hello again,

I made a topic almost a month ago regarding connection issue with Battle.net.
I have read that there are certain restrictions that I might’ve been given on my IP address.

I did specify that I didn’t use any bots or programs and I did wait 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks I have also been instructed that I should wait another 2 weeks without trying to connect to Battle.net and that my restriction will be removed on the 31/07/2020.

I have uninstalled the game as I was aware that there were new patches and I have downloaded the client on 03/08/2020.

When I tried to connect to Battle.net I have received another message:

‘‘Unable to connect to Battle.net please reconnect’’

Now this is over month now and all I have been told is to wait longer.

Can please someone explain why I can’t log into battle.net for little bit more than one month ? Is my account hacked? Is my account deleted ?

My account name is: IceTea91 I would just like some information or maybe the issue lies in something different ? Can I get the list of possible problems or is it something I am doing wrong ?

I am simply asking for help as I have spend quite a lot of time creating characters and helping other players and trading within the community never desired to use any bots or hacks.


Hey iCeDraon ,

Maybe this will help .
You will perhaps have the same issue like the most people do . Funny part is they know it and they don’t anything to solve this General issue that block’s the ISP . Here in belgium we are using TELENET as ISP . and don’t ask me why but the devloppers of diablo2 team block that ISP for all people that are using TELENET.

They really need to solve this big issue . maybe you can try to connect with the hotspot of youre phone but turn off the wifi ^^ . if this work then i’m sure youre ISP is also blocked ^^ Join The club :smiley:

Anyway here my post " Diablo 2 Still not working in belgium ! Fix this "


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I specified before that I use regular internet supplier in UK. I don’t have any VPN’s or any other network so I have no idea why did I get a full on restriction.

The problem is that the Blizzard team is ignoring this and they want me to make a ticket in a way I have never done before, is there a way that I can verify my account again ?

Thanks for help and please let me know.

haha ,
Dude, i have make like 6 tickets for this . spamming the support … Always the same answers of vpn proxy / business .
Till i explode with check the … files !!! that we need to sent and do’nt give me a blabla / automatic answer !!
After 5 tickets finally a answer of the support where they say that the problems is at there side .
I don’t care but they are selling a game and taking a tons of money and people can’t play this .
You, see also in the previous message of the support that the problem is with Blizzard , because they blocked the whole country if u use a provider that is is blacklisted / blocked .
Yep , I know the feeling i have the same issue .
More then 25 years i’m using the same ISP TELENET .
I had never problems before when i was playing diablo2 (20 years ago ^^ .)
but the devloppers of diablo 2 did some changements and thats why all people are blocked .
it’s not only you who received the ban , but all the people in youre country with the same provider ISP.
So it’s easy , here in belgium it’s not possibe to make a connection on blizzard d2 servers with telenet .
what’s youre provider ? ISP ?
Srry for the bad english . i hope you can read it .

Grtz ,


Please don’t Ignore this topic Blizzard Team.

Just help.

They don’t care …

the only thing they care is selling the game and make money when we speak about diablo 2 .
I bought this game like previous YEAR again , and still not able to play here in belgium .


Dear Blizzard team, I would like any solutions at this point as this is ongoing for a very long time.

Should I buy another Diablo 2 will my account still work with a new game?

Please give me some clues.

Hello, I also can’t login for more than a month, could you please explain whats going on? How long this issue will occur, is it a ban or whats a problem?

Please, can you stop Ignoring this topic and provide me with some solutions ?

Kind regards.

I’ve been playing just fine… Was on last week, now all of a sudden I’m getting this issue. wth is going on? Can we get an answer??? How about some assistance for the loyal players who lover your classic games?

Apparently bans are getting more common. It looks like the only support Blizzard is giving to this game is banning more and more people. In the past years I was used to mule by waiting at least 5 sec between every action basically (connect, log in, select char, join game, leave game etc) by counting slowly. It was a method I found during the years that worked. Now I am getting temp banned for it. There’s just really no way to do it reliably that I found. Maybe it’s my ISP, I live in a different country now.
It is really stupid, people still play this game after 20 years which should be a huge deal for any developer, and a testament to the original team, but Blizzard is punishing them really, really harshly for doing so.
Yeah I know, we’re not supposed to hold any more items than we can keep on one character and we’re supposed to play the game from start to end… not funny… and not realistic.
You know what Blizzard, I am abandoning this game after 20 years because of this hostile behavior… you win. No, I’m not going to play d3 instead, duh…


Please follow the steps in this article:

If you believe your account has been suspended incorrectly, appeals can be presented here:


Hey Bencze ,
i know in the beginning of this game , i had no problems to make a connection .
for years …
1 year ago i rebought the game on the blizzard website because my old key was unreadable on the old originel box :smiley: .
after 5 tickets they see that my ISP ( Telenet ) is instant banned when i try to connect .
The funny part is here in belgium all people of the flemish side use TELENET like main ISP ( operator ) so all flemish people that use TELENET can’t play diablo 2 .
even the step to make a account to play online on diablo 2 is not possible … The issue is know for more then 1 year , and still they are selling the game ^^ and i’m still waiting for a lovely mail to read that the isp telenet is unblocked for belgium :smiley:

Shame on you blizzard !!!


Pure scamming. I think this could even be an illegal action; selling a product which you know is not functional in a certain area?

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you all take my lost i can go on asia and us west i dont give a damn let me go in europe

fake bla bla and hypocrist answer from us canadia builder of diablo

remark and think it (jesus fake s)

can log in us west
can log in asia

before few month now until they fix it

remark and thing
cant go on in us west and east
able to go in asia not europe

solution : as i thing someone use my cd key (but not)
(text say unable to clearly confirm validate cdkeyà))
i go in asia and break log by changi car faster)
once its done wait five min and go in europe realm
then it worked

ok now right now explain me why i can go asia but not to europe?

WHY able TO GO in ASIA but NOT eu?

god not blind from an eye remenber

why not able to go in europe (where i bornà but asia?

They don’t care, I’ve been asking for help for months now and they ignore and ban me.

Could you please let me know how long I will be banned?

2 years later still getting ignored, still not able to play, still no refund, etc etc, they just ignore because they have politicians at their side, you can’t do anything against such companies, they create positions for politicians so they can give it on their turn to friends and family. And they think we will buy D2: Resurrection… Dear God.

Edit: I’m in contact with test-aankoop and tomorrow hopefully with economie.fgov, this is just pure criminality, in Belgium we are heavily against such companies, they should know.

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