Test post only - threads dissappearing

I’m not seeing all the recent threads showing…so just a test here.

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Hey Lionheart… not to worry. Blizzard locks them and unlists (hides) them when they are not related to either Diablo II Classic or the Blizzard Arcade Collection.

A few recent examples:

I think the rationale is that either:

  • the out-of-scope topics people create won’t show up in Google… so people aren’t going to be enticed to post about those out-of-scope topics here; or
  • if people survey the list of topics prior to posting, they’re bound to notice that the recent topics are all on Diablo II Classic or the Blizzard Arcade Collection.

The same type of thing has been happening on the US region Legacy Games Tech Support forum.

Cheers for now

P.S.: You realize of course that this topic will probably disappear the next time that Kershew come around :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The “Legacy Games” naming convention in these forums is too vague and leads to a ton of unnecessary work for everyone.

How about this:

DIABLO 2 (2000) General Discussion
DIABLO 2 (2000) Tech Support

…and so forth.

The funny thing is…there is a Diablo I forum that gets a lot of Diablo IV posters. So, the name of the forum may not do much to help.

You’re right about Kershew. That one made me laugh.

I think it’s better than “Classic Games Tech Support” like it was before. And yes, we had a ton of WoW Classic players posting their issues. And some of Hearthstone and Overwatch… and the odd lost Diablo III soul :slight_smile:

And we still do… to some extent. I think the number has come down, somehow… I don’t know for sure, it’s just a feeling. Blizzard would know, I suppose.

The thing is… the Diablo II General Discussion forum is called “Classic General Discussion” and is buried deep down in the US region D2R forum. There is no equivalent for the Europe region.

And the Legacy Games Tech Support forum seems to have a different purpose, depending on the region and language. In English, in both America and Europe regions, that category is part of the “Legacy Games” group. Not so in French, German, and other languages in Europe… for those languages, the category name is simply Technical Support and its part of the Battle.Net Desktop App group. It’s a mess, and I don’t know what a proper solution would be. Having a separate General Discussion and Technical Support forum is one way… but that will mean a lot more categories than we have now.

I like Kershew… but I’m not sure I like having my posts hidden – for some of those, I spent a lot of time looking for info in other forums, on the web, on Twitter… and to have all that vanish. Perhaps I’m being over-sensitive though – must be old age :slight_smile:

Anyways… time for me to shut up… I’ve already written a lot more than I should and I’m probably starting to bore you.

Have a good night !

The new name is better, but doesn’t solve the problem. It just needs to be more specific to the game.

When someone posts an issue, it sometimes takes a lot of time to research. Your work is much appreciated all through these forums.

I just saw a good volume of things disappear suddenly, including your good work, so I thought I might inquire about it.

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Hey there,

Just chiming in.

I do typically unlist posts that are not related to Technical Support requests for Diablo II: 2000 or titles in the Blizzard Arcade. (Lost Vikings and such) I more often move posts to the correct forums where I can.

Unfortunately the legacy forums are kind of their own thing so I cannot move a post for say, Overwatch to the Overwatch forums. In those cases if they have received a reply telling them to go to “insert forum” or contact support or contact Activision) I will unlist and close.

The main reasons are pretty much as mentioned, going into a forum and seeing a bunch of posts for services other than Diablo II: 2000 or Blizzard Arcade makes it more likely to see additional unrelated service posts.

Changing the name from Classic to Legacy has helped immensely with the WoW Classic Posts. Which dominos into WoW retail posts not getting posted here nearly as often as well since they don’t see a bunch of posts for WoW issues drowning out posts for Diablo II: 2000. Definitely not perfect but I can say its been an improvement.

However, if I accidentally unlist or close a topic that should be here. Please let me know. I is human(I think), many mistakes make and we don’t have 24/7 direct forum coverage so, am trying to cover something in the neighborhood of 34 different technical forums in a couple of hours a couple of times a week.



Thank you for your reply.

Have a nice day !

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Don’t worry about it. We are just here to help everybody along the way. Sometimes we might add some ideas and hope it might help.

Appreciate your good response, my friend.

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