GR 150 cleared but not recorded 04/08/2020

A little portion of my tests: OK (wasn’t in the list) OK (confirmed) NOT (wasn’t in the list) NOT (wasn’t in the list) OK (confirmed) OK (wasn’t in the list) NOT (confirmed) OK (wasn’t in the list) NOT (wasn’t in the list) OK (confirmed)

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What I’ve found might just be a coincidence but i just was able to record my PBs twice, after not managing to do it for like 10 days.
When I start the game client the “retrieving hero list” part is, since the issue started, quite long like 10 seconds.
This time, it was almost instant, as it was before the server maintenance. So I tried to clear GRs and it worked on two characters. I did not look at the server’s IP though, so I might have just been lucky on these two games and got two good servers. But again, maybe it’s linked to the “retrieving hero list” part. Has anyone experienced a no register and a register without closing the game client in between?

Yes, as I mentioned earlier in the thread - link here - just exiting back to hero select and starting a new game (without exiting and restarting the client) is enough to cause a server selection to happen. (Of course, you could end up on a bad one again).

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You can even ignore hero select, leaving the old game and making a new one could be enough when the server happens to be one that saves.

For checking the IP of the server, you need a program to show you the TCP connections of your different programs, and then Diablo III.
For Windows, TCPView should do the work and is free.
For MacOS, PortsMonitor does the work, costs 6.99 but has a 30day trial. You could also do it via Netstat and the terminal but yeeeeah thats a bit of work :stuck_out_tongue:

The server saved my run tonight, so I assume you can add it to your list :slight_smile:
Thanks !


Windows 10 --> Start --> Windows Administrative Tools --> Resource Monitor

This will start you in the Overview tab of the Resource Monitor
In the Processes with Network Activity section, left-click the column title image to sort it alphabetically
Scroll down until you find Diablo III64.EXE and tick the box to its left
This will now put it to the top of the column
Now click the Network tab and you should see something like this…

Now, choose your hero and start a game. This will cause the client to select one of the available servers in the farm for your game to be hosted on. Once your hero is in-game, alt tab back to Resource Monitor and you’ll see an extra connection, like this…

Now, have a look in this thread for the list of servers and whether the IP address your game is hosted on is one of the known good, or known bad, servers. If it’s a known good server, your clearance should be recorded. If it’s a known bad server, leave the game and repeat the process until you get a known good server.

If you get a server that’s not in the list, and you’re willing to risk it, get a clearance and update the thread with whether that IP address was a working one or not.


Just FYI I made a small PowerShell script which does most of the work for you. I’ve added all the known good/bad servers from this post, if you have any additional ones feel free to open an issue!


Great work with the powershell script ! :slight_smile: Maybe I can try out later if it works on MacOS.

Updated your folks new findings to the original list in my post above :slight_smile:


Thank you a lot for this comprehensive response, Meteorblade! I really appreciate it! I guess, since I use 2 monitors, I don’t even have to alt-tab and see how servers change in real time.

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Thanx ThreeFX for the shell. Time to fish for a good server i guess

Looks to me that the community is going to fix the bug for Blizzard. Interesting. :smiley:

@Weuslund : I wouldn’t call it a fix… Blizzard might start thinking that it doesn’t need to be fixed.

@QuisSeparabi : A few more for your list… Not working OK Not working Confirmed - Not working (saw too late that Kaikar had already tested it)


We can’t fix it, but we’re certainly narrowing down which of the servers need the fix to be applied to them.

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More tested servers.,bad,good,bad,good,bad,good


Nice work!
Would something like this work to save the data online?
$csv = (Invoke-WebRequest -Uri url.csv).content
I’m not allowed to link the raw.githubusercontent url …

Same did an excel sheet with servers so far can’t link the shared link from google drive :frowning:, good.

Should probably work, I’m not experienced with PowerShell at all though :smiley: There’s no specific reason why it’s offline, I’d gladly accept a patch that allows online automatic retrieval.

You can check my repo for a list in csv format. I try to keep it up to date as possible. Let me know if you need any more fields/etc.

Hello Folks!

Most probably these servers are behind a load balancer, and again most probably they are transient/temporary servers. So I’m not sure if it’s going to help dev team to resolve the issue. It’s better to ask first to spend some time on collecting IP addresses.