GR 150 cleared but not recorded 04/08/2020

Good morning all!

Thanks Boubou for sharing the US post here :slight_smile:

The issue with the leader boards not recording updates should now be resolved as of late last night.

Thank you all for your patience and all the information provided!

If problems persist please let us know.


is there anyway to get my run in leaderboards? server didnt register when i did rank 1 run. Seems like have to do everything again.

Earlier in the thread they said no…

Every previous time we’ve had this issue, any clearances that weren’t recorded on the leaderboards have to be re-done, they won’t be back-dated.


i just did 150 in 6 minutes 29 seconds and it wasn’t recorded!


As the title states…no matter what lvl i go across 126…leederboard still [expletive] !!
[expletive] this [expletive]… most probably mi LAST seson in D3 , and most probably will move over to Path OfExile , thiis is totaly unnaceptable.

  • No server stability .
  • Party play totaly unplayable without eny lag spykes
  • Leederboard down and broken
  • Character skill bug
  • HC totaly a no go due to server running on 1986 rigs i guess
  • Blizz support and fixing, down to asking players to fix it for them and not listening to feedback guess Activision ruined it …old BLIZZARD is no more.
    I do suspect a big fail incoming with D4 aswell.

Post edited by Blizzard to replace swear words with “[expletive]”

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Shaolin and ramler thank you for letting us know. I’ve escalated your reports. We fully understand your frustration, and are very sorry for your experience with the leaderboard of late.

Hello Blizzard Support,

This problem is happening again. I have reported in the bug section.

Do you know if the completed runs will be retroactively posted? Also, when this problem will be fixed because it would defeat the purposes of trying to get a higher rank.

Not true, EU is also bugged. Just ended up my 4 days gr138 pushing with 11:34 time (forest + snowball on the boss) just to get complately dissapointed because it was not recorded. At least I can print the screenshot as a consolation prize. Seems time to end the season now, it won’t be fixed by 8th either way.

@Boubou Don’t answer if you have no idea. just had a GR 135 Clear on Necro and nothing was recorded.

Thanks Blizzard for making the game better

I did not get message about new record and it was not updated on leaderboard:

https:// i.imgur. com/HnYeh4V. jpg (apparently I can’t post links, you need to remove spacebars from that link…)

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Great, it looks like that after this August failure with not updating leaderboards where results were lost complately Blizzard introduced some robustness feature and they can update the results later on.

Good job :slight_smile:

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I just ran greater rift 100, old was 98, not updating. Leaderboard shows 98 and didn’t get the personal best notification either. Got blood shard cap raise to 1500 tho.

So bad that this bug keeps coming back. i also have the problem records do not register . Also lame that the leaderboard era still has not changed.

This ‘bug’ keeps coming back just because coders use same old codes and dont find the cause of problem.

Yes, it is the same thing, over and over again :frowning:

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I also had the problem that I made a gr 135 push twice today on the EU-Server but it was not recorded in my profile, only the bloodshards rose to 1850 accordingly. Please fix that. Thank you. Is it possible that the 135 shows in my profile or do I have to do it again?

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Dearest Blizzards,

I just cleared a 148 with my dh, 8 seconds to go and my highest ever clear. It would be Rank 2 on the Season 22 LBs but it didn’t register :frowning:

I have a video of the clear to prove it, but something is up with the LB’s.

Pleeeeeeease can work your wonders and fix it? The magic of the game and all the effort is put it so I can push for ranks, don’t take that away or covid will be a nightmare!!

much love kolonel x


What the hell, I tried to report a ticket and no luck?

I finally get the DLC and push to try and get on the leaderboard and I have to deal with this stuff? Anyone know how to fix? I finally hit 75 after a day of grinding and it’s not even recognised?


I was bored and realized i did not unlocked primals on my normal non season characters, so decided to do it with my Monk.
I wrongly thought primals were unlocked at 80 so climbed and did a 82 , seeing no primal i was curious… also there were no “gz you beat your best message”
Checking on my profile career still shows 61.
I searched and found this issue, since shards are increased, is it possible only the “first scripted primal” is bugged alongside , GR Career recording ?
Wanted to share this because, breaking the 70 barrier during the bug may be one of a kind , since i am sooo slow :smiley:


There is no guaranteed primal when you complete a tier 70 or higher gRift in non-season; the guaranteed primal is only in season.

Well then, how can i be sure if I have unlocked primals or not?
My thought is , since my career does not show anything above 61, it may not be unlocked, i don’t know how the tracking goes but the two may be related since some part of diablo servers are not aware of which GR Levels people have finished.
Just have to wait i guess, thanks.

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