GR 150 cleared but not recorded 04/08/2020

Hello! I want to ask for their help. It didn’t record the latest record-breaking game I did in the afternoon.2020-08-03T22:00:00Z

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Cheers !

can records made
automatically save
even if it doesn’t work
Is possible? or not
if it is not possible, nothing happens
but it’s better to know
with modesty, and politeness, I ask?
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I have had the same problem, happened to me many times on my wizard. This time it happened on my Necro twice in a row, while struggling to climb on the leaderboards, I finally managed to clear a 123 in good time, which should’ve placed me on #240 EU. It’s not showing as my best run or in leaderboards, this is literally killing the game right now, there is NO POINT in playing anymore if this happens this frequently. For some reason, I can’t post a link with the screenshot, anyone knows why or what can I do?

Making that more visible for you…

Thanks for the screenshot :slight_smile:

The problem has been sent for investigation and as soon as we know more we’ll share it with you. We apologise for the frustration in the meantime, and thank you for your patience.

just cleared Gr130 in 13:40 for the second time and still not recorded

Same problem with my demonhunter minutes ago, cleared 135 in solo, but haven´t received the success.

Ok so now that we had a response, is the records we got that wasn’t saved going to be saved after fix or is that just gone now? My shards upgraded to solo 138 but lb stil shows only 134. and when can we push solo again? Dont want to go through the hours of farming for a 140 solo on Crusader and then it doesnt count again.

In the past, when we had the same issue, the new records were lost and had to be re-done.

I suspect that it will be the same this time… :frowning:
(yeah, I know, not the answer you (nor I) wanted to hear…

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share it. or we must wait more :laughing:

looks like this exact same thing happened in beginning of the summer. maybe ask that one guy who was supporting d3 at that time to fix it again?

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so yea i just did 131 solo season with 2 min 3 sec left… and it didnt register, it happens all the time . bump

Hi Sven! The issue is currently under investigation. We don’t have any additional information to pass on at this time, but when we do, we’ll post here in reply.

Congratulations on the impressive paragon 3191 NotLikeThis!

[Edit: As of 23:00 09/08/2020, still no updates to share.]

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Again and again, massive problem, waste of time playing SOLO grifts. SEVERAL HOURS of playing and there is no update on the new higher Grift. FIX THIS !!!
I got sooooooo angray today of playing all day and not even one update ! FIX IT PLS
I have photo of completing the rift, I DEMAND this to be uploaded without me trying again and again !

As EU tech support seem to be working late tonight, could I add support to Boubou’s suggestion earlier that you guys make this a stickied thread so we don’t continue to get new ones?

blizzard, fix the problem now, I no longer can push because each record I made the last days hasnt recorded, many thanks for that

For all the people that don’t know how to check if your game will register your new record to the leaderboard.

  • make sure you are in a clan
  • make a new game
  • loot a legendary from kadala / upgrade a rare in the cube / identify a item
  • if you see your loot pop up in clan chat the game will register to the leaderboard
  • if you don’t see your loot pop up in clan chat leave the game and make a new one

Repeat above steps until you have a game that registers loot to clan chat.
If a game registers clan loot it 100% will register your records on the leaderboard.

I did these steps, but my new push was not registred.
Did you mean that the other players of your clan had to see your loot in the chat ? 'cause I definetly saw mine and it buggued all the same :-/

just did a 122 that didn’t count in season, thought that s**t would be fixed by now…