GR 150 cleared but not recorded 04/08/2020

With regret we don’t currently have an update at this time, we’re sorry. Thank you for your patience.

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I’m not sure if it is going to help but I can share the logs I have collected per instructions below.

In the log files, I can clearly see the highest solo rift number correctly, so I believe it should be somehow related to server synchronization/notification.

Apart from missing solo rift clears, recently I also noticed that some builds in my armory changed somehow. Basically legacy of dream gem is replaced with something else.

I’m not sure what is the best way to provide logs files collected by LogGoblin.exe but I can provide them as you wish.

Hey, where do you see your GR in the goblin log files ?
I cant seem to find mine
Thanks :slight_smile:

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It’s in D3Debug.txt file and the line looks like follows.

TempestBard#2193 (TheNecro) Necromancer level 70 aaLevel=2335 pvpRank=1 flags=8388626 highestAct=OpenWorld highestSoloRift=129 { 4104264,D3,2 } heroId=134967230 lastPlayed=ACT_1-87700(The Fallen Star) secsPlayed=762228

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Hey Blizzard,
same here, just cleared GR 133 in about 12:20 on non season barbarian, european server. Vader#2673
Plz fix!!

While we’ve not been asked to request the logs, it can’t hurt to have in-case they’re needed TempestBard, thank you. Anyone wishing to do so can upload them via or a public shared google drive fille and reply here with the link.

To pre-empt suggestions, please understand that sadly we wont be able to manually update or backdate runs based on log-goblin files as these can be easily edited, sorry.

what about manually backdating runs based on a video? :wink:

Just checking if there is any update as to when this will be resolved?

Made 10 attempts at personal bests with WD tonight and not one got recognised by the server, so looks like the problem actually got worse now. Got a bit tired of doing DH Leaderboard runs that don’t recognise, so thought I would try something else first…
So, how about fixing this right now? No I wont provide you any files, because its obviously connected to the last maintenance (that screwed up lots, great job) and only Europe seems affected.

Seriously, WTF at this even being a problem that goes on for weeks.

Here is the public google drive link.


Today I also noticed that I’m not able to see Challenge Rift itself displayed correctly. It still displays the last week CR. When I start the game the correct CR starts but the leaderboard is again broken.

Another thing is that I have never been able to have bounty bonus on my necro but only on my DH only occasionally.

Thanks again for your nice consideration, I’m just trying to help to resolve the issue as possible as I can.

That’s a separate issue to the one in this thread, already reported…

That’s a separate issue to the one in this thread, already reported…

Let’s try and keep this thread entirely on the single topic of the leaderboards needing to be fixed.

Great work…only annoying. five times behind no personally best will be recorded.

Its a feature or what else ?

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I have completed solo 120, 122 and 124 today with my Witch Doctor, also completed solo 75 and 80 with my necromancer for the first time and they are not updated on my profile.

If does Blizzard not fix this, why there is a ladder on this game ?

What are they doing all day on their offices…I’m wondering about that…

I don’t know, maybe it’s working as intended?

That’s exactly what I thought :smiley:

Hi Rejuvithorn,

I’m coming over from the NA forums as there’s been response here. Thanks for sharing the thread Meteorblade!

Here’s my LogGoblin report for my account, North America Region, Non Season. This run did not get credit and you can see at the end the rift just completes with no notification of new personal record.

My current rank is 30 on the North American Solo Barb, Non Season board which cleared GR 136.

Seras#11432 My Hero List:
Seras#11432 (Endless) Barbarian level 70 aaLevel=4042 pvpRank=1 flags=8388624 highestAct=OpenWorld highestSoloRift=138 { 50211982,D3,1 } heroId=120095735 lastPlayed=ACT_1-87700(The Fallen Star) secsPlayed=532668

As well, video evidence of the clear via youtube.


Hot damn this bug is annoying. And it’s happened several time in the past year! I don’t see how the solution isn’t known yet.

The blood shard cap is being correctly updated with new record solo clears, so there is server-side data to base back tracking on.

Your bloodshard cap reflects the highest ever GR you’ve ever solo’d, but not what hero you were on when you did so, so your cap can’t be used to work out what your GR record and/or leaderboard placement should have been.

I guess that is a fair point!
Hope it gets fixed soon anyway. I’ve been putting off playing for more than a week now, cause what’s the point right now