I disagree with Diablo 2 fans

say diablo 1 and 2…or there not great games in your opinion???

What great games has Brevik made since D2?

Marvel Heroes is one . Hellgate London a other

Could ask the same thing what did willson do besides diablo 3 =)))? cose i never heard of him. Fact of the matter is simple , diablo 3 certenley dosent deserve the name its got.some people might like it for the ‘’ please mr hold my hand’’ playstile it offers but the real hardcore players just hate it. Only good thing it has going on its that its a blizzard made game and their just fixed on no bugs and perfect patches. For me this game died from the ‘’ And then whe doubled it’’ statment

Oh yeah and about Diablo 2 it still plays today on the official battlenet. Its a 20 year old game btw.

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D1 was pretty good.

D2 is more like cigarettes, it seemed great at the time, but is full of junk that really shouldn’t be in games.

Restrictive skill tree with redundant and unbalanced skills (barbs find potion skill or compare sorc cold and lightning skills)
Runewords and cube crafting, whose formulae can only be found on the internet, requiring research and meta gameing.
anti intuitive stat point system. sorc builds suggest putting points into strength, dex and vit to increase survivability rather than energy, since mana potions are for that.
coupled with the fixed skill tree, monster immunities that can effectively prevent the player from damaging certain enemies. these are rampant in hell difficulty.
The god awful revive system, where you can slowly kill any boss by dying at him. I lost count how many times I died against diablo the first time… in the end it didn’t matter as I still won.

Diablo 1 was the better game with unretricted spell access and stat increasing items. Diablo 3 is mediocre, it can be better in a lot more ways. Diablo 2 feels as if it should be good, but it only caters to the diablo 2 fans and meta gamers. If you don’t know how to play diablo 2, you basically cannot play diablo 2 since the game is really backwards and doesn’t tell you a damned thing. One thing I love about D3 is the amount of information at hand, since although it gives an overview, it also has a details page, explaining what all your items do and how they interact with one another.


thats the best thing about it. Its hard punnishing and non helping. Thats actaly what makes it great.(one of the reasons) you mest up a character create a other dont just swap skills. Crafting was great btw runewords and crafted rares in the endgame ment allot.And at how many recepies there where im glad it was a list on the internet for them.Nowadays sure whe have a different system to show recepies but back then thats all it was. and it was good.You dont know how to play it you have 2 options. Either you learn it or you leave it .

So basicly what you sed is what you dont like but those things are a few reasons the game was/is so great. Those restrictions and punishment are among a few of the thing that where great.I dont need a game to help me out with tutorials and slow mo effects so i have time to push a button.
Neah i like a game that has a bit of hmpf in it.Makes you think what items to equip what skills to use (monster imunities like in diablo 2 i miss the most) those where the greatest thing ever added. OOOO lord de sey’s i miss you so.
Thats the difference from a real game and just equiping a set and making GR 150 in 2 days

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I feel you’ve missed my point.

I’m saying you cannot learn to play diablo 2 whilst playing diablo 2. You have to learn how to play from walk-throughs and guides on the internet, which ends up as another type of hand holding. The runewords and cube crafting are barely mentioned in game to the point you can play it and not realise they even exist, the way you learn them is, again, walk-throughs and internet guides, our alternative to hand holding.

They could have introduced scrolls, where if you hovered over them you would see a rune word receipe or crafting reciepe, without issue (scrolls exist and look at skill book or 20 life potion quest rewards). They didn’t though…

Also please don’t call D2 hard… it’s not, there is nothing difficult about spamming a skill and killing stuff until you cannot and then running away instead. The immunities on hell don’t make the game “hard”, it just means more stuff to run from. A game that railroads you into having 2 or 3 skills and then taking them away from you is not hard, it’s poorly designed.
I actually feel that D3 is harder, since many of the sets require a certain amount of understanding in how to use them and resource management, this requires thought from the player. If you want a sense of difficulty, try the set dungeons for D3, they are the most challenging thing I’ve seen in either D2 or D3.


I asked about great games.
The two you mentioned were awful.


Totally agree to OP, they are not “the community” as they put themselves to be. But they are the ones writing essays and making 2 hour long videos about how the endgame should resemble old ARPG’s, so I am afraid the devs of D4 will fall for their words. I am ready to skip D4 if that happens. It remains to see.


Nowadays, it’s kind of the reverse.

Way to interpret.

That is the truth?

You don’t compare how Diablo II was back then with how it could be in today’s programming advancements. If Diablo II was made now, it would be something different but not running away from the core concept. I guess, it’s what they’re trying with Diablo IV.


No, it was my opinion but let’s bring up reviews of both games and see what hundreds of other people’s opinions of them were…

Marvel Heroes - 67% User score
Hellgate London - 63% User score

Do you consider those to be scores that great games would get?

Brevik hasn’t been involved with a really good PC game since Diablo II. People need to stop with the rose-tinted glasses and seeing him as some sort of saviour. He’s had one hit, two decades ago.


hey! that’s plagiarism :smiley:

Still thats the why it should be :smiley:

Ah ye P.S

[Marvel Heroes] - 67% User score
[Hellgate London ] - 63% User score

I dont consider them great games per say but good games non the less. A great game is a 10/10 witch is hard to comeby only one in the past years and thats Witcher 3 , but while where at it whats the metascore on Diablo 3?? ‘‘4 user score’’??? i wonder why

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Personally I wouldn’t mind an athame with decorative Lilith symbols… my black candles are running a bit low, and another goblet of Baphomet wouldn’t go amiss either. :grinning:

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Id could come out with The Maleus Maleficarum attached to it for all i care as long as it comes out the right way and non of this rainbow panzy blasphemy what is diablo 3

lol, this guy is full of crap, I have played D3 for 8000 hours and have never even seen a GR 150. That keeps coming back, D2 fanatics really have no clue what they are talking about. They are old and bitter for something in their current life (maybe spent too much time playing games) and need to lash out at anyone actually having fun now.

I agree that D3 should be darker and more horrifying, and that the OST is not as good as D1&2. But the gameplay and endgame are overall much more enjoyabe than D2.


Dude end game is farming a Grift over and over again droping the same 200 legendaryes evrey run and even those are ussles . Whats the fun in that???Mario has a better end game jeez.

Where not bitter and old its just the truth that the game is CRAP. metacritic has a user score of 4 for it that says all

Which is totally different to endless Baal runs?

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Was not talking about Diablo 2 but yea , nothing different there but at least there the items that droped had meaning in Diablo 3 nothing has. Season day 1 get equiped season day 2 gr 100 done, seasone day 3 gr 150 done. am i wrong’???

Then you got 3 days to beat GR 150, prove it or stfu. And don’t post a video of people who knows the game in and out. If you can’t then you are wrong, period.


check youtube enough proof there :slight_smile:

Edit: i dont play this crap anymore , and i am not wrong since it has been done by so many others . I dont play this shit game so i cant prove it but evan if i played it i still whouldent waste the time to prove anything since it has allready been done.

Fact is eazyyyyy game and boring

Stand tall banners high defended all you like … the majority of the comunity hates it , metacritic gave it a user score of 4 that under low :)))).So go play it if you like but unless you bring somthing constructive to the table no use of bashing other that are actualy right.