Just bought D3, are you kidding me?

I’ve never been hardcore Diablo fan, i just, kind of liked the first game, played about half of the second game, knew about the lore and that’s all.
When i saw D4 trailer and 2h long live stream from Rhykker i got really hyped about the game so i bought D3 + RoS yesterday, i didn’t know anything about the game just some spoilers about the story.

So i started playing as wizard and around lvl 10 i’ve realized the game is too easy, but i said to myself, “hey maybe it’s a start, just like WoW it will get more and more hard as i level up” but then i finished ACT I with no problems, so i was like, HEYYY maybe am just good, let me put there HARD difficulty, halfway thought ACT II i realized the game is easier and easier as i got newer talents, runes and equip.

So, before i killed Baal around the sewer i switched to the highest difficulty the game let me set (it’s third out of five available) the expert. And what the heck, it was easy… JUST THAT EASY.

So the entire campaing i was just grinding, i just held left mouse button to walk and tap the right mouse button to cast a spell, occasionally hit 1 3 to do some other spell. And by this standard i just finished the vanilla game! What the actuall f??!!! It took me one and a half day to complete the campaing on highest possible difficulty what’s wrong with the game?? I have read all the lore withing the game i did some unneccessary grinding just to farm gold to max my caravan, yet at lvl 57 i killed Diablo, THE PRIME EVIL THAT CONTAIN THE SOULS OF OTHERS EVILS just ten minutes ago, what’s wrong with the game, the actual fight took me about one minute. I haven’t died once within the day and a half i played the game.

So i got RoS still. But am saving it for tommorow so i have actually something to do.

So my questions are these:
a) did i bought some unintentional boosts so i cut through the game like heated katana through butter?

b) is RoS as easy as vanilla game?

c) was it always like that or they screwed the game during patches and seasons and never cared to repair it?

d) i assume the campaing is same for every characters so apart from different kind of grinding there is no reason to start another character

e) i’ve spent 30€ on the game and i assume am gonna finish it tommorow, what should i do next in the game?

I really, really REALLY doubt buying D4 after these experience.

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Sadly over the years D3 has evolved to a point of an extreme easiness for the new players. It’s all due to power creep. You’re not the first one to complain about it and likely not the last.

There is challenge but it’s basically all in the greater rifts. They scale well beyond the basic difficulty levels.

Finish campaign and go to adventure mode. Start doing rifts and grifts.

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Thank you for quick reply and i assume rifts and greater riftst are just another grind for higher numbers on your loot?

Are they finally challenging so i have to set some meaningfull build? And actually try to survive?

The higher difficulty, the more you have to set up your build. With mere 6 piece class set you should be able to do Torment 7 and up. With a couple build supporting legendaries thrown in the mix you should be doing T10 and up. With a full complement of unoptimized gear for a build you should reach T16.

Now on the basic difficulty scale T16 is the highest but greater rifts go well beyond that. From there you need to start to optimize your gear in order to push further. Replace your gear pieces with better versions as you acquire them. Make sure they have correct affixes on them. Different builds needs different things.

One thing: in most cases you will gain more power faster than survivability.

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There’s a noticeable change in difficulty at level 61+ and at 70. Once you’ve completed the Campaign Mode (killed the end boss of Act V) you have access to Adventure Mode which unlocks access to Rifts and Bounties and, once you’re level 70, higher Torment difficulties and Greater Rifts, where I guarantee you’ll be able to find a challenge. The health of mobs in GRs goes up 17% every GR level, and the max is GR150.

Let’s say a boss in a GR1 has 10,000,000 health.
In a GR150 the same boss would have 10,000,000 * (1.17)^150 = 168,997,103,799,869,030 health
Using the (1.17)^X rule, effectively you have to double your damage output to increase the GR clearance level by 4-5 levels. You’ll definitely be challenged.

You could check out…

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One thing need you realize when you play D3. You are not just some mortal human anymore who got addicted to the treasure and constantly risking your live.
You’re the F NEPHALEM. The offspring of Angels and Demons.

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the game starts after 70 and learn the mechanics of the game before saying something is easy:-)


Its easy, oh i start to die in GR 70 because i can kill but get wiped. Aha so this ring gives me 70 dmg reduction for 5 secs after using a skill that my 6 piece set force me to use all the time. Good now i go to GR90, from there i need to get ancient versions of my enforced legendary equipment. Want to repeat more the same thing with higher numbers, try to get a primal ancient version of your weapon.

For the author of this topic, in higher GR you only need to be afraid of not killing fast enough and aoe from elites clumping up. Thats the only thing that kills you

campaing of d3 is a joke.
i only played for the cinematics and some achivements.
these days it is all about adventure mode and seasons.
doing the same thing over and over again.

I am curious about if u think it is as easy when lvl 70 and unlocked things. :wink:

So i just finished RoS campaign and i must say i may have found the solution for newbies that feel frustated by the campaign.

Finishing vanilla campaign let me set the difficulty to 4th ouf five, with is “master” and this started to be actually a little bit challenging. And am saying a little bit, not actually challenging, but the master difficulty let me experience three new things i’ve never done in vanilla campaign

  • I died for the first time - doing three rares just when i set the difficulty so i had no idea about the difficulty itself

  • I had to start using potion

  • I had to do some defensive build and not just focus everything to nuke it.
    Boss fights were challenging and even though i haven’t died i had a difficult time to kill Adria and Manthael i finally felt some excitment for the game.

So my solution for newbies would be (that blizzard can do): Scratch first two difficulties. Normal and Hard just begone.

Make expert the new normal - it’s still a difficulty where you don’t have to care about anything and you just nuke and grind everything
Make master the new hard where you have to use your potion sometimes and you can actually die
OR, let the master difficulty be available since the beggining.

And those comments when you say, “it start to be hard when you finish lvl, play adventure and grind higher tier” ofc its going to be hard, because its endless grind of endless raising of the difficulty. It suppose to came to a point where i won’t able to nuke everything.
But that doesn’t contradict the fact, that am talking about the campaing and not about the adventure mode.


Have u found out to join Torment levels?
Once u have made a highlvl char through the campaign, u can start a lvl 1 at torment 6, thats quite challenging. :wink:

I’m going to bet that you’re not playing on a hardcore hero.

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What is wrong with expert on hardcore? I assume you have never played REAL hardcore.

Yeah the simplicity of the game ruined my experience with it with my girlfriend. I was very dissapointed how non-epic the whole thing felt. It was a squash.

Blizzard really dropped the ball. New players aren’t going to want to continue the game on higher difficulties when they play through such a lackluster challenge the first time around.

It was pretty epic when D3 first released, died on Belial, borderline of dying vs Azmodan, Diablos taunts had power between them. It is like the RoS team hated vanilla campaign when they changed the difficulty and it is almost like the AI of the enemies was dumbered too.

The offspring of the (200 or so) fallen angels and mortal women, called “giants”.

Have you been paying attention to the story? It seems not.


The story? You mean The Book of Enoch and the Dead Sea Scrolls? Yes, I have :slight_smile:

Does vanilla Inferno count?