Lag spikes season 23

I’m getting random huge lag spikes while playing 4 man GR.

Despite the game not using even half of my PC’s resources in any category and pretty much none in some the game freezes for a few to several seconds.

I hear that many other players have the same issues.

PC setup and drivers is not the issue.

Where do these lag spikes come from? People with top of the line equipment who can play the newest games on epic quality get lag spikes in d3?

For me, the game is unplayable like this so a fix is needed if I am to continue playing it.

Did anyone else encounter this and find a fix for it?
Does it have to do with playing with people far away? Internet problem? (I have a 200MB connection)

There were no problems last night for me (one in my leveling grp had the issue)

Does it have to do with the firebird set? (I already did the sound channels change to 16)

Any help is much appreciated.


I’m now also getting these lag spikes in single player GR


Yep +1 lag spikes all day like last season unfortunate but true i reported it last season as well and got a reply said in more words its your connection not our servers although we checked it through trace and all and it was infect their servers so yeah not gonna get fixed i guess


Same problem here. Already lost 2 characters on HC…

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Just to get ‘again’ banned from these forums - the cause for those spikes on the game are from Blizzard servers, myself upgraded from good’nuff Intel set to total AMD-rig (x5900X-RX-6900XT/ 32GB-RAM, Samsung 980 PRO M.2) - no way hardware is slow enuff in here, and still game takes few relaxing times on it’s own…ow… net still always works with friends on Discord. 200/20 net with no lag what so ever with anything

Please Blizzard !! Fix this - PoE is calling very badly…


Yeh, the whole freezing up is making things a bit unplayable, god help anyone playing HC this season, tis a good sign of things to come for D2R and D4…

Same here, unplayable at the moment. My Internet is fine but it shows ingame about 170 latency avereage. It is mega stuttering. Blizzard get your s… together. This is embarrassing.


Sorry to hear you’ve all been seeing some stuttering/freezes while you are playing. When you encounter the issue do you notice if this occurs under specific circumstances (e.g. specific mobs/zones/skills). Or even possibly with certain skill, stat, or set/legendary combinations?

For those of you experiencing issues, a copy of your dxdiag could help us narrow down potential other causes and it would be helpful to include this in your reply.

it happens while playing a wizard and mirror images are summoned


The issue with Wizard’s Firebird interactions with Mirror Images causing lag on them being summoned is being investigated in this US Technical Support thread…

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It will go ignored all season like the soundbug, I have NO doubt they are related issues as messing with sound again can ease the pain caused by yet another bad patch. 9 year old game and it has more bugs now then it did on release.

Please Blizzard can I have some more bugs? - Said no one!

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Like the OP, I’m having lag spike issues while playing, and haven’t had these issues on my current PC in the past. I did lower the sound quality to 16 (from 32). It did not seem to make a difference.

The other issue I’m running into is that the image of the items on my character sheet and in my inventory take a few seconds to load. I can still mouse over the “blank” inventory slot and see the tooltip, but no image in slot. Crafting tabs (at the blacksmith, jeweler, etc.) are also not showing up, though the tooltip shows up when I mouse over it. I can literally have my character sheet open with all the images visible, close it and reopen it and have to wait for the images to load again.

The other odd thing I noticed when salvaging items at the blacksmith, is the sound is not consistent with it’s effects. The first two items I mass salvage sound without reverb, then the third has some reverb and then cuts out.

All these issues are occurring regardless of where in the game I am. In town, out in the field, Act I-V.


Described here…

Playing Barbarian, getting random spikes even solo one was at least 8 seconds. Duo’ing with a Crusader we both had several spikes every run. Really sucks.


Edit: I was unable to post DXdiag as it exceeded the post limit.
Here’s a pastebin link

DXDIag, Vertigo101 -

PC specs in short.
9700K @ Stock clocks
2070S @ Stock clocks
16GB of memory @ 3200Mhz
Game is loaded on Intel M.2

I get massive freezing no matter if I am playing MI or Firebirds. Had it happen on just about every map (Hasnt happened in Whimsy yet, but only had a few dips in there). Same with mobs, triggers of just about any mode, and seems to like freezing after hitting a shrine.


Game loaded on SSD, tried the fmode trick with limited success, however once I close down and start up again, it refects to the…questionable game I currently have.

You can have some video clips as well if you want, but it all the same…

Should also note, I play with zero sound on D3 with it all on the lowest sound setting as, well, music beats D3 noise spam :slight_smile:


There is a very very old DLL file that is used for Audio in Diablo III. This file is over 10 years old, and that’s the latest version. Not the one that the game is using.

The stuttering you have in game, worse when you are grouped, is caused by an issue with this Lib/DLL/Diablo III. I’m referring to Fmodex64.dll.

How do we know this? Simple, and many know of this “fix” already which has been a thing since at LEAST OCT 2020 (wtf Blizzard/EA?!).

All you need to do is grab a copy of this DLL from another Blizzard game folder (Heroes of the Storm for example, I took mine from a Steam game and that worked) and overwrite the one in the /Diablo III/64 folder and start the game up.

100% resolved. Smooth as silk, no stuttering… However, like all quick fixes there is a downside, it disables ALL AUDIO in-game when you do this, however the stuttering and jerky game play is one-hundred-percent-resolved.

I reached out to fmod (dot) com because Blizzard won’t or can’t do it, clearly. They are Firelight Technologies who made the “base” Lib/DLL that Blizzard are licensing directly and adding in their own custom code.

All that needs to happen is someone from the Diablo III Dev team needs to contact Firelight Technologies and work on a fix. It’s a bug, it needs to be fixed by Blizzard/EA not you, not your drivers.

The Lib is licensed directly to Blizzard so they won’t support just anyone reaching out. I’d hazard a guess the idea is to just ignore this and it will go away by it’s self, or at some stage another Windows update will fix whatever is causing the problem with this Lib.

If a simple copy/paste fixes the issue from another game folder, I can’t imagine the issue should take a year to resolve from a coding perspective. I mean, other games work with the exact same file… If it does take a year to get this resolved and it’s reasonable for it to take this long, here’s an idea, perhaps some details on where things are at since it’s been reported since OCT 2020!


Continue to constantly freeze as well, spending too much time in Task Manager ending task then playing most nights. Starting to get very frustrating on user end, sure hope there is a fix this week for it or it’s back to POE for our clan.

these are not spikes like that its latency issues , fix your servers obviously you have a problem with them !

Lost my HC season barb. Not too salty as im aware this is the risk we take in hardcore :slight_smile: just wish i died to an elite and not lag.

Heres my dxdiag

Also my hall of hero’s have died to white maggot and white summoned soldier its getting a little ridiculous

Dear Tech support,

these lags doesnt come from our PCs.
It comes from your server side application - overhelmed:

  • big groups
  • shrines
  • 4 group with many buffs
  • mobs with some effects like fire etc.

To find it, you can cast get our latency. Latency rising to 1500 ms and higher - then game stop.

After death, latency goes back to 30-50ms.


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