Animations taking too long


Hi, I have had to change my deck due to not being able to play with cards that cause animations.
I play a hunter beast deck that revolves mostly around making a big a scavenging hyena as possible.
I had 2 spirit of the lynx cards (when you play a beast give it +1/+1) but I have found if I play a lot of beasts (like unleash the hounds or swarm of locusts) then there is an animation pause for each card, I then quickly smash these into opponents minions and play revenge of the wild (summon all beasts that died this turn) meaning that I can have up to 12 of the buff animations in a single turn.
Unfortunately by the time this has happened I don’t have enough time left in the turn to smash them all back into opponent and turn will time out before I can finish my turn even if I have started it straight away without pro starcraft apm.
I understand having the animation but think if you are playing several minions at once (like with a spell that summons several minions) that either this animation should happen at the same time for all minions or just be much shorter so that you can do 2 cards and do 12 attacks within a single turn.
Don’t think the turns themselves should be longer as do like the new quicker (I think) turns.
Anyone else have any views on this or similar issues?