Bring back 10 gold for 3 wins

Blizzard, please reinstate the 10 gold award for achieving 3 wins.

It is such a little perk but at least it provides players with an ongoing reward whilst grinding through the levels on the new battle pass system.


i’m with you blad…we need to form a union of sorts and take on the blizzard team…then takoever the game fuk the blizzard massive…blud


i agree. this new system suck so hard


How long did you have to train to be the forum clown?

If this is your contribution, then dont bother.


It is a small perk but it makes all the difference, especially when referring to Free To Play players. Without that 10 gold per 3 wins what real chance do they stand against ANYONE with access to a credit card. It only fully benefits those with money.


Currently the most played deck is a demon hunter deck that costs less than 2000 dust and is more than legend capable. The game has always been pay for variety, not p2w and by top stacking the rewards that’s even more true. Just means you can’t spend you excess stuff on fun cards in case nerfs come during the slow part of the cycle.

Is that what we want though, a meta full of Demon Hunters? Surely Blizzard should be encouraging variety.

To get variety, they should be encouraging full access to all the cards so players can test new deck recipes.

Under the new systems gold is like rocking horse turd so people cant open new packs. Come the end of the expansion, we will have be saving our gold for next expansion so this expansion won’t see a lot of variety which is detrimental to the game.

The game needs more gold injected into it to make it healthier, don’t starve the players, that’s not healthy.


So there’s literally no reason to spend money?

Anyway that’s a different discussion. The point raised was “new system makes it impossible to win” where the reality is that it makes it easier, that’s just a fact rather than an opinion. Your point of variety is now more expensive could well be true, but need to see how it plays out.

Yes but if F2P players have access to less gold they cannot get more cards to play. Demon hunter is a boring deck to play in my opinion as it pretty much runs on rails as to how it plays.

It will be harder to win now because gold equates to cards which equate to deck recipes.

A new player comes in, they will have less gold available to earn which is less cards.

In terms of spending money, in reality games don’t have to charge to make money. look how many Free 2 play games are out there coining in billions of revenue on the F2P model. I am not saying HearthStone should go free to play, they just need to reign in on sucking players dry for money and giving access to more content which will be healthier for the game.

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They tried the cosmetic route, so few people bought them that they waited years before adding any more to the game.

I have thought of a possible simple solution to this. How about just alter the reward structure by chopping up the levels. If for instance it was 50g for 1000 XP instead of 150g for 3000XP would that fix the issue where you’re actually see your gold ticking up more frequently just from playing the game (rather than winning).

Yea, that would work. I think the issues is that in the old system, most of the time u had movement with your gold, even if it was 10g here and there, you could earn it.

The new system has landed, at the start we all saw lots of levels and the gold came in nicely. That’s all been spent now and nothing is happening in terms of earning. It’s taken me two days worth of play time, 4 hours worth to move a level and a half.

At this point I’m wondering if I’m even going to make it to 50. I don’t have the time to play 5 hours a day. I only like to play standard as well so I am promising out on xp from other game modes but as my time is limited, I play what I like to play.

They should of done something with the 3 win reward. As they took the 10g, they should of replaced it with xp award. And the amount should not be a set amount. It should be a percentage of the level amount of xp, say 5% That way, which ever level on the battle pass, for every 3 wins you get a boost of xp to help climb.


it’s too late for this i want blizzard to stand trial for their crimes!

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For me, the 10g provided a big incentive to spend time playing beyond just the daily quests + weekly tavern brawl.
Used to spend a lot of money in this game in order to stay competitive, but since Corona hit my wallet hard I’ve gone f2p. The new rewards track requires several hours a day in order to feel like I’m progressing, same goes for Arena runs in order to make them profitable - I don’t have that kind of time, so the 10g has been essential, gave me a rewarding push to keep playing. Please bring this back Blizzard, or introduce a gold or XP rewards system for wins to replace it.

Pretty bummed out by sitting at 90gold for a few days, waiting to hit the next level so I can … have 190gold, buy a pack and be back to 90gold. And passing level 25 doesn’t solve the problem, I’ll still be stuck with amounts I cannot use for few to several days.

I feel like the removal of this small perk could discourage many active/daily players. Lose-lose situation, if you ask me.

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You used to get no progress in arena, it didn’t give you gold for 3 wins, now you get XP.

It’ll be 150g so you’ll actually get 2 packs and then be at 40g.

Still I can see how that can be frustrating but I have to tell that going long term f2p is all about the big picture, rather than worrying about where the next pack is coming from, it’s all about how much you accumulate over time.

You have to make sure you have at least 6000 gold per expansion to get all the commons/rares so you don’t have to craft any and plan crafting your epics/legendaries meticulously.

The front loaded rewards actually mean the new system is better for f2p players as you get that early extra injection of resources for little effort. But now we’re past that stage it’s like your putting your money (time) into a bank, instead of spending it, which is more frustrating and boring, which you’re absolutely right, might drive players away.

yeah funny thing is that I just saw a tooltip that said “you receive 10 gold for every 3 wins” obviously outdated but I was wondering if my game was bugged at first.

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Seconded, thirded etc.

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Jaguarpaw :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

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You are the problem.

that would be awesome, im always stuck on x45 or x95 gold …

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I agree!

And it often gave you incentive to play a few more games to top up your gold to buy a pack or pay for an arena run.

After many years I actually feel no inclination to playing extra games after ticking off my quests.