Can't play Arena or use in-game store

My Arena buttons are inaccessible(greyed out) and my store is locked.
I’m playing on PC.

This is the same problem as in this old post: Store and arena closed for more than 24h!.
It seems to have been resolved for most people, but mine has been like this for 3-4 months.

What I’ve tried:
-Reinstalling the game twice.
-Making a ticket. Three different employes did not know what to do.
-Deleting all files in C:\Users*user*\AppData\Local\Blizzard\Hearthstone

My problem is NOT present on my friends’ computers or on my phone. Technically I can play arena and buy packs on my phone, but that is a huge annoyance when you play the game a lot.

It only makes sense to me that the problem would be local, since my account can login elsewhere without the problem. Do you guys know if there are other temporary files for Hearthstone, than the ones I mentioned or have any other suggestions?
Any help is appreciated.

Please close the game and visit your Account Settings.

In the Account Details section add your country of residence and, if you see a banner saying you didn’t verify your email yet, click on “Resend Verification Email” and follow the prompts.

If the problem continues, uninstall, then reinstall the game.

If the issue persists contact us here:

Providing your MSINFO as shown here:

I solved it by uninstalling my antivirus Kaspersky

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For me verifying the email again did the trick.