Duplatransmogrifier removes all minions from deck!


I am playing the new adventure. I choose the treasure where I could replace all minions in my deck with a friendly minion (DUPLATRANSMOGRIFIER).

Next, at Bartender Bob I a choose +2/+2 on my Messenger Raven minion. The next game after I played Messenger Raven I played the treasure on it and finished the game. When I got back to the screen to choose a new bucket with cards, all my minions where removed from the deck.

I am playing a new boss right now and the only minion I have left is the one that was in my most recent bucket. Everything else has been deleted (instead of replaced). I am pretty sure Duplitransmogrifier is NOT working as intended.

I am trying to keep the run open so I hope someone is online. The run will be removed when I go AFK. Please save it.


Buggest. Adventure. Ever.


Hello Oonagh,

Customer support doesn’t handle bug reports. If you believe you’ve found a bug, you can see how to report a bug in our games here.

If you are unsure about game mechanics, then please post on general forum.

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