EU connection issues / RESOLVED

I can connect to the American and Asian servers but not Europe.
It stays on the loading screen for an indefinite amount of time.
Deleting cached data did not help.
Reinstalling did not help.
Network reset did not help.
On another post someone recommended changing DNS servers, why the heck should I do that.

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Hey there Vain.

I am sorry to hear about the problems that you have had.

In these cases when it’s only one region that is not working it’s often a case of something running on your PC (if you are playing on PC) that is blocking the necessary connections for that region.
It can also be a problem with how your network is configured. If the required ports are not allowed on your firewall or router it can prevent the connection to a specific region.

I would suggest that you take the time to go through the steps in our “Can’t Connect to Hearthstone” troubleshooting guide as they should hopefully help you resolve this problem.

Opened the link.
Did most of the stuff.
Now the Blizzard App can’t connect.
I’m done.
Please delete my post.

Turned of my network for a while.
Blizzard App works again.
Tried every recommended solution.
No results.
Can easily connect to America and Asia.
But not Europe.
No other option but to abandon my main and try and enjoy the new expansion on NA.
But without my main, I don’t see why I should stick around.
Please, Close or Delete.

I also have exactly this problem unfortunately I tried everything but still does not work you do not know how to continue?

Gave it another go.
Found this.

If on Windows, delete the Hearthstone Options Files:

  1. Press Windows Key+R to open the Run dialogue
  2. Type %LocalAppData% into the Run field and click OK
  3. Open the Blizzard folder
  4. Delete the Hearthstone folder

Follow these steps but not just the Blizzard folder.
I noticed 3 folders
Blizzard Entertainment

Deleted the Heartstone folder as mentioned above, but also checked each folder for cache data and deleted it.

Too bad this whole ordeal made me miss out on several quests.

Problem Resolved.
Please Close or Delete.


really thank you very much it works

do you know how to resolve it on Mac?

No. But try the link above from Arzomaju.
Look for “Windows”, “Mac” and “Mobile” options.
It looks like they gave the same troubleshooting guide, so try something.

Cheers! Worked a charm.

Hey there friend how did you to that. dou you have to delete the whole program of and hearthstone? because i tried both please help me.

I deleted all cache folers I found but it is still kicking me out of the game…

the only thing that helped me, thanks a lot!

Thanks. worked for me. had same issue on NA. Problem started after buying cards in the .net shop instead of ingame.

Thanks this worked for me too :slight_smile:

Thank you so much bro…