Game constantly crashes after last update


Since the last update it is not possible to play the game with my iPad anymore. It constantly crashes, at least there was an infinite loop with a crash while in a battle, started again, reconnected to the battle, crashed again, and so on for a while.
I already deleted the app from my iPad and re-installed it, but no change.
There is no problem on my iPhone 6 and my iMac/PC. So it seems to be a problem with the iPad, maybe memory issues or something like that?

Game crashing after update
Hearthstone crashes after every game
Game crashing after new update
[iPad] Crash during matchmaking since HS update
iPad 6th generation

Also having the same issue on ipad air 2 after the update. Finding opponent screen never finishes and app closes. I have deleted and reinstalled the app. This worked for one game, but after the end of that gane crashed and same symptoms again.


Same problem here and same syntoms.
Need a fix.
iOS devs suggestions not useful.
I guess it is something in the update.


Same issue since update 2 days ago, game constantly crashes on mobile.
Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, yes my mobile spec is fine to run the game


Hello all,
As far as I know Blizzard is aware of the problem. Unfortunately, so far there is no information about the date of repair.


Same here. Since latest patch I can only play 1 game at most before software just vanishes on iPad. Sometimes I can’t even play one game. It used to play for an hour or two before this would happen. Now it’s highly unstable and basically unplayable.


Same here, game crashes every time after finishing a battle, and on own turn it can slow down to an unplayable speed. Ipad Air


Same, have Blizzard nerfed Apple?

Tried reinstalling and running up-to-date iOS, no change, also frame rate issues in longer matchups.


Hello, after last update i have problem on Ipad Air. Every game crashed at the end. Sometimes it disconnect during game. Im on very good wifi … This occured after update. Need fix.


Having the exact same issue on iPad Air since update. Game starts. When beginning a match the game crashes before card selection. I can quickly restart Hearthstone and rejoin the crashed match, but at the conclusion of the match, and even often during, the app crashes again.


Need response on this, game is basically unplayable now in my iPad mini. It’s been fine for years before this update. Can we gave some acknowledgement please?

Game crashes sometimes when matchmaking. If a game starts, it crashes 3/4 times mid game if it’s a long one. If game finishes it always crashes at end. Always. That’s a lot of crashing. This problem is only with hs and only since latest update.


Helloooo? Does anyone ever respond on this forum, or do I have to leave a stinking review on AppStore?


I have the same problem, will it be fixed?


iPad Air A1474, 16GB. Latest OS. Exact same problem


No more Hearthstone on my iPad. Game crashes constantly. This is more than annoying.
Hey Blizzard, how long is this going to take, can we get some communication?


So it’s been a week and nothing. All we have is a guy here saying that as far as he knows Blizzard is aware. Well duh, this is their website isn’t it? If they’re not even monitoring their own forum than what use does it have? I get it that making money via expansions is priority number one but how much time does a simple reply with an acknowledgement take?

PS if you have the same problem, up vote this page, so it might get noticed.


Same here, game crashes everytime i try starting a battle. Ipad mini:(


I have exactly the same issue. It makes the game unplayable on an iPad.


Have same problem on my iPad. Since the latest update, 5 days ago, Hearthstone crashes every time I try to start a game. When will this be fixed?


So, I pre buy the upcoming expansion and next day this happens! Next day! It’s been going on for almost a week now! Seriously, what am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to quit the game after paying so much? Am I gonna be reimbursed? Unbelievable!