Game stuck, emotes still work, no rope...YOU LOSE


Hey Blizz! This probelm exists since November 2018. I know you are a small indy company, but maybe you can spend some ressources on this issue? It happens not very often, but now and then, randomly and it is annoying as hell.

Games is not frozen, as emotes etc. still work. You figure out too late that it is stuck, bc the rope never appears and boom, you lost your game.

Cmon guys, this issue has been reported multiple times here and in other forums (reddit etc.).

Get this fixed pls.


I can confirm, this happens on lower quality connections sometimes ( for example 3G)

Ulefone Power 5, Android 8.1


Hello SCAN,

This means one or both players got disconnected, as described on our sticky.

If you keep getting disconnected, please follow the steps mentioned in our Troubleshooting Connection and Latency Issues article, including the advanced troubleshooting if needed.

How’s my driving? Let me know!


Your driving is aweful, bc it does not help at all.

The game gets stuck and not even a “connection lost” pops up. So even IF it is a connection issue, it is a bug bc the game does not tell you.

Furthermore it is NOT simply a connection issue, bc when I turn off Wifi and go to 3G it is stuck and does not reconnect (what it would, if it wasnt a bug).

Blizzard, this bug exists since half a year! On mobile devices, so please no more “fix your drivers” solutions.


I also have this sometimes. Good to hear the other player loses as well. Most of the time it’s when I’m about to win though. You sure it’s not a thing others can initiate? Like spoofing / flooding my HS ports or something.