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[MOBILE] Android – There is not enough space on your device
There are multiple reasons for this error to occur:

  1. Please try to reset the Cache on your device first (Settings > Storage > Tap on Cached data > Delete).
  2. Review permissions: Hearthstone requires access to the internal storage of your device (Control App Permissions, Google Help) in order to install and update itself.

No Chest Rewards
Some players may not see a chest with rewards for ranked play. This is simply a visual bug and all rewards that you meant to receive are correctly added to your account. If you don’t see them added to your collection, please reset your password.

No turn time/card hovering
If this happens it usually means that one or both players have experienced a disconnection issue. Both players will incur a loss. The developers are working to improve stability.

Bug reports
Please submit your bug reports here.

Common Issues & Workarounds
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If your issues persist after trying all of the troubleshooting steps in the article, please read this post on how to create an effective thread.