Hearthstone Android

The android app is keep sending me to the browser to log in and it repeats. Doesn’t log in and does not give any error. My browser logs in to my account normally when i do it separately. Before the update the log in didn’t require browser opening. Something is wrong.


There has been a little trouble with the recent roll-out of the new patch for mobile versions of Hearthstone. Clearing the application cache and/or re-installing the game may be a good option here.

Clearing the cache doesn’t work. I uninstalled the game. I hope it works when i install it again tonight.

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I have deleted cache and I have deleted game twice but I still can’t log in. This game already forward me log in screen. You must find a solution for this issue

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble logging in. Are you using your google play or Battle.net account to log in? If you are using google play, could you test your battle.net email/password combination?

I tried to log in game on Android but application always forward me log in screen. I have deleted cache and application twice but I still can’t log in. Please, you must find a solution for this issue. I can’t play game :frowning:

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I use Battle.net Account. If you look Google Play comments, you will see this problem many times.

Cheers for getting back to us Oyp.

We saw a few reports of this issue affecting a few players in your region. It seems that this is an ISP specific issue however linking your Google Play to your Battle.net account then using this to log in works (ironically the opposite of what I suggested). \o/

I tried after redownloading but it didn’t work. Please you have to find a solution plsss

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Hi, i got same problem here, when i want login he send me to browser and after login in battle net or google,that say me back to login and that because ‘‘hearthstone’’ is closed itself when other app is launched, put back the login in app please. Is annoying.


Hi ihave the same problem too. Please blizzard fix this problem.


I found a solution. I have connected my Battlenet account to Gmail or Facebook. After that I tried to login with Gmail or Facebook. It have worked.

Thanks, but we don’t want to do manipulation we want a fix that help us to login easily.

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Is Any fix foreseen!?

i cant play at the moment. i cant pre order new expansion. İ played hs 7 years. ihave never seen this before. thanks blizz good job.


You can try our solution.

Same problem here. i cant connect with my Battlenet account.

Same here, i still cant login my acc. My account’s e-mail isnt g-mail. I wont do any effort to link those gmail and battlenet. I played Hs since the literary beginning at 2014 feb. I m gonna wait. Thanks for your attention.

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no, it doesn’t work in my case. I still see login page

I have the same problem. I can t pre-order the expansion because of that. and I can not buy stuff for BG also. PLUS I can not send a ticket to CS about this -.-

A quick Edit: Linking my battle.net account to Google account SOLVED my problem.

I could log in via Google to Hearthstone. Thx to @Oyp