Hearthstone installed but i don't have the play button


Been playing the game since forever and i used to open the game trough the B net client.

Today instead the “Play” button i had the “Install” button, if i press it i got this error BLZBNTAGT000008FC if i locate the game i get the “Update” button and if i press it it turns into the “Install” button again.

I tried to run the game directly from the exe in the folder and it opens B net again


I have the same issue. Can’t install the game either. I tried steps suggested on error
BLZBNTAGT000008FC but no success.


Same issue here (as well as for Heroes of the Storm), not sure what is going on…


Same here for Hearthstone and HotS. I think the launcher doesn t find the games somehow.


Same problem Even starting Hearthstone from the Hearthstone Directory won’t work. It just tells me that I have to update and then back to install.


Same problem. Waiting for a fix.


I also have the same problem.


Yep, same problem here, even though I can see some of my friends are in the game.


I also have that issue


Same issue with hearthstone, i got the game but suddenly the Play Button is gome and asks to install even after i located the game.


I also have this issue. I would like to complete my daily quests, but this game is not available … so blizzard you owe me a pack… THANKS


Same issue here, getting an install instead of play button. After locating the game folder manually it changes to update but then I get ‘Something went wrong between our server and your client. Give it another shot.’ The link underneath BLZBNTAGT00000907 leads to a page not found. Also the update button changes back to install after this.


Wanted to check the new brawl when I noticed the install button instead the play button. Played in the morning without a problem so it must have been a recent problem.


I also have this issue, cant fix it…


Same here, lets get a fix pls.


same issue. tells me to update then it says some error and gives a install button and when i try to install it gives an error.


I have the same issue. Can’t even uninstall the game to reinstall it.


i’ve been trying to enter the game both me and my girlfriend but couldn’t get in;i only get the install button like everyone else and if i locate the game it won’t update anyway and go back to the install button please fix thank you


Same issue - waiting for a fix!


Hello, same here.
BTW don’t try reinstalling BNet - it won’t help, it will be stuck on “Updating Blizzard Agent…”