Missing daily and weekly quests

I login and i cant find my quest daily and weekly plz fix the problem we losing xp for the tavern pass


Me too, I lost one daily quest and all weekly. New daily started next day, old daily and weekly quests didn’t show up…

im a returning player and have the same problem, there are no quest weekly or daily and ive tried their hot fix tips but there still is nothing on the quest page.

I didn’t get one daily quest this week

I am also a returning player and I don’t see any quests!


There is a known issue that is being worked on. For more information please have a look in here.

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Vossprey, thanks for the info. Every bit of information from Blizzard side these days is welcome. Communicate as much as you can, the player base needs to be calmed down :slight_smile:

The daily did not show up for my game today

I still have not been receiving my daily or weekly quests on the Asia server, despite the claims that, at least, the weekly quests have been fixed.

Still no daily and no week quests :frowning: “sadhorn”

it’s also like that for me :confused:

same question for me, no daily and week quests , hope fix it soon

No dayly quest for me also :man_facepalming:t3:

I am a returning player and my quest tab has been empty since a started logging in, the past couple of days. The headings ‘‘weekly’’ and ‘‘daily’’ are missing too. Tried all the fixes you recommend but nothing changed

Ok, I’ve lost my patience and I’m utterly infuriated. You are supposed to fix that bug a week ago or so, but still nothing. I still have no daily quests popping up. I’ve decided to return playing this game after a couple of years of absence and this was the worst possible welcome. And this is entirely your fault.
Do something before it’s too late! Community is complaining about all sort of things going on right now on HS, please make this not be one of them.
We have no more patience!


Dear diary,

Today was day 21 after the global “Update where they took it all down”. It was a cold autumn day in December so like every other day: we logged in, not 1 quest was to be seen on our hollow board, so we closed it back down again. Sigh…

Promises of a better future that were made by “the Blizzman” had reached us but that now seemed like a long gone memory and we were starting to lose hope…

The long for the day that “the Blizzman” will come to our rescue and make this endless wait worthwhile is what keeps us going…

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

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I havent had quests since november and the ducking tickets i post get unanswered or a generic “we are releasing shadowlands and cant be arsed about your trivial bull…”

There was an info on US forums that they are deploying a server update, but it seems people still do not get quests :slight_smile: IDK, seems Blizzard is doing something wrong :slight_smile:

I never received a new list of weekly tasks, it just says new quests in seven days


Hi Blizzard. I too, did not receive a new set of weekly quests. I had completed my previous set (released on the 12th I think), and the weekly quest had “refresh in % days” (counting down to today’s date) once complted. Today however instead of a new set of quests, all three say “New quest in 7 days”. Can you please investigate, and update as a loss of 6,000 xp is a lot, considering this month is shorter. Thanks