Rewards Track Issue

Yesterday I reached my level 100 reward. Clicked on the icon and chose my new hero skin claimed it and then confirmed - but nothing happens.

Anyone else with this problem.

Reached level 103 today - went through the same process still unable claim a hero skin - tried all the ones I don’t have. This will be my 6th hero skin.



Yes i just reached also level 100 , and i cant seem to be able to pick a favorite skin . for that battlepass thing

Exactly the same thing here cannot choose a skin

I have the same issue

Yeah, same thing. Keeps showing as ‘incompleted’

Same here :frowning:, hopefully they fix it before the next expansion. (Tried it on android and computer).

Me too…fix it before the new expansion pls!

Having the same issue, level 102 now and not able to pick a hero skin, after pressing confirm nothing happens.

Same issue for me, really weird.

Same issue here, sadly.

What is going on here.

This problem was report 10 days ago and the problem still exists why?

Several other reports have been posted concerning this problem.

The company is very quick to take our money yet providing support is non-existent.

Hi folks,

So this appears to be a known issue and is being dealt with. In the meantime, please do report any Hearthstone bugs you encounter here:



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Soooo, can we hope that you fix it before the next expansion drops?

I opened a ticket about this 3 days ago and I am still waiting for a response

Yes, I have the same issue

same here. no lvl 100 rewards and past that as well

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Me too, I have the same issue

Same issue :frowning: , reached level 100, can’t claim any hero portrait when I’m prompted to

same here …

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Have you tried the button?

I have the same issue. Have tried choosing multiple different skins, but none of them works.

Yes, I have the same issue