Store and arena closed for more than 24h!

Hey folks,

Store and arena r closed for more than 24 hours on laptop. They r open on mobile app so it’s not maintenance… :upside_down_face:

I never had this issue before…What do i need to do in order to fix it?


Same here … it happened after this last update…

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Just noticed that it’s not only shop and arena options (both grayed out) doesn’t work but i didn’t get any coins from quests…

Simply great. A game that u can’t play

Same here and can’t find a solution

I am faced with the same issue. Both me and my girlfirend cannot access our in game store. It started last night when I logged in to try and get Nemsy after the patch and still hasn’t been fixed 24h later.

Same here, have 2 accounts, this one that has a credit card linked & has used money on the game, here it works fine. The other is a FreeToPlay acc. I created to try the lvl 50 to 25 raking and have some fun. This one has shop closed since patch went live. Ranked & Tawern Brawl works fine.

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Same issue here. Returning after a couple of years away, haven’t spent money since then. I’ve updates all my payment info and personal details in my account, but still cannot access the shop or Arena… I’d like to spend my money please!

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Yep me too still down 2 days later and no message, to say even being looked into.

I have the same issue on multiple accounts.
Please look into this issue, I play mostly arena and not being able to play at all for 3 days now really sucks.
Hopefully this can be fixed soon and we get compensated for the gold we didn’t receive for finishing quests.

Same problem - anyone manage to fix this yet?

I haven’t heard of a fix, but you can temporarily get around it.
Apparently it still works on mobile, so you can just start hearthstone on your phone and enter the arena and should be able to purchase a ticket.
You dont have to play or even draft on your phone, just buy the ticket, close the game and switch to pc.
Careful however to not be logged into battlenet on your PC while you start the game on your phone, doing that bugged out arena on my phone too and i cant use the workaround anymore.

I get the message “Shop closed”. How can I solve this??

PS.: Everything works normal when I log in from ANOTHER PC.
How can that be?

Yes, same issue here.

why is the shop closed can’t get free warlock hero…
also completed 2 quests received 0 gold.
edit: restarting game recovers gold.
shop still closed. windows 10.

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Same issue here if anyone finds a fix please let me know

Update: Since I could log in to Hearthstone from any other device (mobile app, friends pc or, in other words, any device but my main one) I found out that on other devices: shop/arena/coin count from quests working properly.

That made me think that there is something wrong with my laptop…so i reinstalled windows, made sure it’s fully updated, Installed fresh copys of and hearthstone and used the blizzard authenticator to approve entry.

Nothing helps!!! Shop still closed, both arena options still grayed out, no coin adding from quests.

Dear Blizzard: Since last update i can’t play the game from my main device . I think it’s time for one of you tec guys to check out my account, Maybe I got banned or something… I don’t know what else to do to make game work.

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same for me …sad

i have the same problem the last 4days

This thread needs some action. I have the same problem as everyone else, and conveniently this is when we are being offered a new warlock hero…

Another annoyance is that I have gold to spend in the shop for solo adventures to complete my decks.

Can we get some Blue user/Blizzard mod help please?