Account progress lost

My entire account progress (heroes, levels, currency, skins etc) has disappeared. I used to play over a year ago but took a break from the game and now I want to get back into it.

I tried resetting/relogging several times and tried changing regions both in the blizzard launcher and ingame (log out/log in).


Hi, Sulevikoer! o/

This account is not the account you used to play with. It never accessed HotS until today, so this can’t be it. You must have another account, registered with a different email.

If you don’t remember what email you may have used, you can contact a Game Master through this link, but add as much information about your account as possible, so we can try and find it.

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He is most likely spot on. Both my accounts I played with for years are completely wiped, so it’s not “used to played with”. You completely screwed with that maintenance. Accounts were wiped with all progress. Ten minutes ago I had everything and now I have nothing

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i just lost all my progres aswell, i just logout 2 min ago and did a repair, now everything is gone, whats going on ?

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yesterday i bought deathwing, and now its gone, also the gems are gone, i have prove that i bought the gems yesterday

Shuge and Ophen - Make sure you’re logging into the correct Region in the Region selection beside the Play button in the Blizzard App. People reporting everything vanishing always comes down to either wrong Account, or wrong Region

SokiTreetale - That’d be something you’d need to open a ticket about so that it can be properly looked into, as we can’t discuss anything related to purchases or payments here on the Forums

I too am a returning player and both accounts i have used for blizzard games are lvl1… with no bought heros or exp or currency… but when i search my account name with a 3rd party site its pops up with my name, stats and used heros…wth blizzard


yeah same happen with me its something wrong in blizzard i hope they should figure it out

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Same Thing Happened with me, I used this email account to play COD warzone then I reinstalled the game after one month but the blizzard account name changed and everything was reset from the begging , all my progress is lost.
Is there a way to bring back our progress then that will be very helpful.
Also my activision account also changed. What Happened is my name LAWLESS is there in blizzard but the digits after “#” got changed so it indicates a fresh account with no friends, same thing happened with in game activision account.
Please resolve this issue soon.

Good job Blizzard :slight_smile: All my heroes , skins , mounts , level . GONE, WIPED OUT. i had profiles on bot Americas server and Europe server… both wiped. And all u do to help us is just trying to convince players they are in the wrong account. Ok Lol…


Same here, I had a great account and now even that account is gone…no comment…i think I will just delete the game for good.

Hello Vennoxia,

In case of a loss of progress, it’s either a region problem or connecting the wrong account. In your case, seems it’s the latter, you should open a ticket so we can help you.

the same thing here all progress is lost, i havent played in a few years and now all the money i spent is just gone???