Friends list disappeared


it seems that there is something wrong with friends list. I can log in the game but all friends have disappeared. I can see some of them in bnet but in game the friends list says zero friends. Same seems to have happened to other people. Can you look into this please.

Thank you!



Sry, no help, but I seem to have the same problem.

Same problem as you both, @Blizzard fix please

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I am commenting because I also have this issue and I hope it gets some answer/visibility.

In my case the Bnet friends show up correctly in the app, but in hots is empty

My friends and i just started the game and have the same problem.

Hello folks!

This was due to a technical issue we experienced yesterday. This has been resolved already now, friend lists should work properly again!

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Hi, the issue is back…

same problem here. Eu server from 5.11. 2019.

this way i can not play properly…

plz help

Also on the EU servers. Had it the other day and now i am having it today. I can see my friends in the launcher but I cannot see them in the HOTS game itself. How long do you expect this to be down @blizzard ?

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Yeah got the same problem. Seems like i can just see a few friends from the same country as myself.

Same problem here atm, chatting in group but can’t see them online. Also can’t find them on HoTs.

This doesn’t seem to be fixed, I dont see anyone in my friends list

we are joining the “/join general” channel in Hots, a lot of ppl there. At least we can find our group to play.

Still the same problem

This is the 3 day in a row we have this problem, and always at the same time… R.I.P my boost ^^

the worst thing is we don’t get any info back on what’s wrong, just that they “fixed it” what a joke :slight_smile:

same … all time , pls fix it

So the missing friends list persists. I’ve done a “scan and repair” where no problems were detected. I have had a couple of disconnects during authentication tonight as well, but can usually connect on the second or third try.

So you just have to try again and again?

There must be still something wrong with friend list. Today I can see some but definitively not all my friends. Some I can see in bnet friend list but not in game and overall I can only see 10 out of about 60 friends…

Still having this issue… Please fix it, I want to play…:disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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