Game not loading, characters, profile etc

My game won’t load my characters, my profile and all gamemodes are unavailable. This started after i installed the game a few days ago, after not having played for months. I read through the tec-support and did what i found could help, deleting the cache, the variable.txt, but iot doesn’t work. Can you help me? would really appreciate it.

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Good morning Trix,

Try and delete the Variables.txt from the Documents\Heroes of the Storm file path. Once done, open the Blizzard Desktop App and click the blue logo at the top left. Click on Settings and from the new window, click on Game Settings. Find Heroes of the Storm, and click on Reset In-Game Options.

Once done, start the game up again and test it out.

Kind regards


What’s your opinion?

I gave the same issue, but for me it started after a Windows 10 update. I deleted my local install and re-downloaded/installed the game, but with nu succes :frowning:
I tried deleting the variables.txt en resetting the in-game option, but that also didn’t help…
So, help…?
How can I get my game back up and running again?

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Can we get some SUPPORT?

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I have the same issue! Tried everything, reinstalled the game, reinstalled my graphic card software. Its no connection issues from t he internet as I have tried it on a laptop in my same house and it plays perfect on that. So it is only on this desktop PC. Firewall I have already put out and already tried the DNS flush etc. What now?? Blizzard please help out!

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I have the same problem, and this problem I do the same and I can’t play

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I have the same exact issue, though it’s more on the “profile does not load and game is unplayable from within” issue, the game for me is able to be started, however, it won’t load my profile up inside the game. If the original poster’s result of deleting the variable text file inside the game’s folder is true, please do not provide that solution Blizzard, not all solutions work just for future reference since not all platforms will take certain solutions and work after they’re applied which in turn results in more in-depth diagnostics for the game/app in question. I have already played three matches at least today and this issue came up for me, I will try the solution you have provided regardless.

Trix, if you’re still possibly having issues on playing the game, same goes with everyone else that has this same exact issue, mine automatically solved itself after I started the game just a short bit ago at the time of this post, my guess is that the game may have failed to establish a connection to Blizzard’s game servers [as in, logging you in] for Heroes of the Storm and decided not to retry until it succeeded. Restarting the game may or may not help if anyone encounters this issue later like I said in my previous post, either way, if you’re not banned on Heroes of the Storm, restart it if it fails to load up correctly in full [the gear on the bottom right corner of the screen and then clicking on “Exit Game”, followed by starting the game back up with Battle Net launcher].

Same issue been like this for months very upset i cant play HoTS anymore…
EDIT: mine started when i got a new PC

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Same problem here, nothing loads,characters,match,versus ai…nothing

Please help

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Hello babak, my fellow country man. I used to have the same problem. Then I logged out of my account, used WINDSCRIBE vpn to connect and loaded the game, and all my contents were back. Haven’t had this problem again ever since.
Hope it works for you as well.

PS. Windscribe is free and safe, but it may take some time to find a connection that works. Good news is, you only need to connect with windscribe once, and after your contents are back, you can continue playing the game without the vpn.