Glitching characters in game

Every game I play since the latest patch, characters in game, both friendly and enemy, randomly jump around the screen/map and are randomly invisible despite being right in front of me, then they just suddenly appear! This makes the game unplayable for me, in all my games multiple people have left, 2 people in one, three in the rest so guessing they’re seeing this too.

It’s worse on certain maps and didn’t seem too bad with Jaina or Li Li, but really bad with Dva.


Hi, SheBites! o/

We haven’t received any other reports about anything similar (or at least I haven’t been able to find any). Did any of the players in your game mention anything similar?

In any case, this seems to be a GPU problem, or an installation problem. So let’s start with those. Can you check for updates for your system? After that, in the Blizzard desktop application, under the HotS logo, click on Options, and select Scan and Repair so the system checks for any possibly corrupted file.

Let us know how that goes :slight_smile:

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Me and my friend both have the same issue. We both are using macbook computers.

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It helped for a while, when we changed the games screen resolution, but the problem came back already the game after.

I’ve scanned it and it says no repair required.

just played two games with same issue, tried to change resolution multiple times, with only short luck. played on MacBook Pro

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I have the same problem on mac. graphics set to lowest possible and almost all maps characters (team and enemy), minions, mercs and buidings either Glitching or completely invisible in big areas of each map. Game almost completely unplayable. Updates is ok, no repair issues. Tried the game on “normal” computer and no problems.
The problem started after last patch 25. september. Blizzard mentioned some issues but it seems issues are more comprehensive than that.
I have, right this second, done a new “Scan and repair” and no repairs required

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Glad I’m not imagining this! I followed all the directions given, installed updates on my macbook pro, restarted and scanned for repairs, it did start downloading something new. And it worked for one game fine, then it all started happening again. I have everything on the lowest settings, only way game used to play for me. Please help Blizzard tech!

Sounds like it an issue with macs and the new hots patch because I have a Mac and I’m having the same issues

Hi again! o/

That’s alrady 5 of you, and while that may not look like a lot, I think it’s worth taking a look.

So, first of all, I want everyone, as I mentioned, to check for MacOS updates. Then, in the Blizzard application, under the HotS logo, click on Options, and select Scan and Repair. This is just to make sure that we have the basics covered.

After that, if it keeps happening, please, post here the following:
-Mac model
-MacOS version
-Brief description of what you are seeing

Include all information you think may be useful, like map played, heroes that are glitching for you, and in what way. Hopefully, with that we start getting a clearer picture of where the issue may be.

Hi o/
I’m experiencing the same issues on my MacbookPro. It even shows on the replay on my mac. I’m gonna do the scan/repair and update mac stuff and gonna report then again.

Hello again
So after doing updates in a quick test against AI it didn’t come up. So I guess doing the system updates did solve it. So I guess this is closed?
I don’t have time today but tomorrow I want to watch the replay from the one game the jumping did happen, to test if it has stopped happening 100%.

Hi, PoHs0ul! o/

I’m glad to hear that it seems this has been resolved. Hopefully this is the case, as we haven’t heard anything in the last 2 days :slight_smile:

Of course, if anyone is still experiencing this after checking for system updates, let us know with as much information as possible :slight_smile:

i´m playing on a Macbook Pro and i´ve the same problem with characters jumping around. Sometimes abilities glitch at certain places. There´s always the same places where characters and abilities glitch out / jump around, the characters and attacks are there but i can´t target them or hear anything from anything in those specific spots. In these spots characters and abilities are invisible and can not be seen.

It has been like this since the new patch, before the patch it has been working fine. I updated y computer and everything but still no changes.
Some maps are worse then others, like Blackhearts bay, Volskaya, Battlefield of Eternity & Hanamura to name a few.

Hello Again (sadly)
It seems like my short AI Play-Test yesterday didn’t give me correct results (probably because of the map which was braxis holdout). my short test today on looking at the replay (of blackheart’s bay) showed the glitch happening again. So I started up a custom game at blackheart’s bay and noticed the glitch happening again. It always seems to be on the same spots, but I can’t figure out the reason why or at least there are no obvious textures for me to see.
So here is my data:

  • Mac model: MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2013)
  • MacOS version: 10.13.6 (So High Sierra)
  • description: Well I would say it looks like the characters (heroes, minions, mercs) jump up and out of the screen. Actually it just is the model glitching upwards out of the screen. On those spot where it happens I can’t see the model anymore, but they still are obviously there, because AoE is affecting the health, skills affect the surrounding etc. As soon as I leave an affected spot the model glitches back downwards. When I walk back into the spot, it again glitches out (or up). Rarely I’ve also seen it only glitch a little bit upwards, but I couldn’t reproduce that today in the custom game test. It doesn’t have to do with the model or direction to walk into that spot. It always glitches out there. (minion or hero doesn’t matter)

As my mac can’t really run capture software at the same time, I can’t do anything else then describe it. I hope it helps.

MacBook Air
OS: Mojave
All maps have small or big areas where chars, minions, buildings, mercs (both friendly and enemy) are glitching or even completely invisible. On each map its the same area(s) where this is happening.
System have been updated and “Scan and repair” = nothing to repair

Here is my data:

Mac model: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015)
MacOS version: 10.14.6 (Mojave)

Yh, it´s the problem i have too, with units and heroes becoming invisible and sometimes jumping to the top of my screen, in Hanamura at the payload area where it spawns my and everyone else’s characters sink through the ground and only their nameplates appear.
I was thinking about running all maps in custom mode and then mark every spot on the maps where i can find the jumps/glitches/invisible spots/problem areas. Would this be of interest and where should i sent the result in that case?
i don´t think i´ve a recording softwear but i could get one and record a video if that would be of more help.

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Here is my mac info: macbook pro 2015 mid 15-inch, i7(2.2Ghz) cpu and iris pro 1536 MB Graphics
system version: macOS Catalina 10.15
glitching in maps which have holes in it, only when my characters near the holes, and buildings, camps. etc.
It’s been a while since mojave latest update, and until now it’s still exist.
plz help me thru

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Hey-o. I’m also having the same issue like some peeps have already mentioned. It started happening around the late sept update.

In some of the maps, heroes/minions/etc are flickering or invisible.
It’s hard to make a comprehensive list of circumstances where it happens. So far, I’ve repeatedly checked it’s particularly bad in Blackheart’s bay, when walking around the center to bottom of the entire map, the glitches get really bad and the bottom forts are not even displayed.
Another concrete example is around the cores of Volskaya Foundry, where the forts are visible, but characters flicker.

I’m playing on a 2013 13" Macbook pro. With the latest updates of the game, and it with the latest version of Mojave, and now with Catalina it still happens.

Tried some solutions I’ve seen around without success so far: like the “Scan & repair” option, but it didn’t find any issues.
I play with the lower settings, I tried changing the resolution, and (as i saw on another post) setting the shaders to medium.

I can try doing a quick screen recording if that helps

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Is this going to be fixed soon? It’s going on for weeks now. Blackhearts is unplayable. Sky temple has major issues. Problematic places other 3 or 4 maps. Please don’t take dump on macbook players. At lease take two most problematic maps out of rotation. This is most sloppy job I saw from you Blizzard in 15 years I’m with you

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