[MAC] HotS keeps quitting unexpectedly at start!


Glad to know that all mac users have my same problems. #Feelsbadman.


Hey there Blizzard, can you give us an update? Are you working on this? Are you crafting a new update to undo whatever it is this update did? Can you let us know what you are doing so we don’t just have to check this ever 5 hours?


Please… an update? Anything would be great right now… I have 2 hours then i gotta go to bed for work Blizz… Mans gotta work so i can afford those skins you get me? Yet when man comes home after working all day - man cant play game because Blizz hates Mac?

Please send some love to your Mac gamers! <3 x


I think what we have learned here is there are only 6 Mac users…


Good morning everybody,

I am sorry to hear that the suggested steps are not working. I have gathered your feedback and escalated it.

Kind regards

What’s your opinion?


MAC fatal error crash

Haha, not really. There are a number of other users who have posted similar issues. No solution.

Also I think some users will have just given up and may end up playing other games. Apex Legends comes to mind.



thank you, can you update us with a response with what will be done or are you disconnected from that? Also I don’t know if it is helpful or not, but the error is the same whether connected to battlenet or the internet for that matter. It occurs before much of anything loads.


Silence as usual. Blizzard has given up on HotS. There is no direct technical support channel anymore and most assistance is just about providing links to FAQ stuff.

Meanwhile for 3 DAYS no MAC user has been able to play HotS…no updates, no sorry, no nothing… disgraceful…really


Good morning Voynich,

Of course I will let you know as soon as I have a relevant update for you.

Kind regards

What’s your opinion?



We are allowed to go home once in a while, you know?

And like I said to Voynich already, as soon as I have an update on this, I will share it here.

Kind regards

What’s your opinion?



This is a MAJOR crisis affecting ALL Mac users. Sure you can go home, anytime if you like, but meanwhile your users who generate money for you and your colleagues (and have done so for years) are out in the cold.

And I am sorry if my reactions hurt your feelings. Blizzard has hurt our feelings a lot more over the last months by leaving us in the cold and putting HotS on hold. And et’s not talk about all the disgraceful things that have happened on HQ level; Immortal; mass layoffs.

Not saying that is your fault in any way, but it is only normal that people feel VERY VERY frustrated that a bug like this cannot be solved in 3 DAYS. Come on! Seriously.


I absolutely feel and understand your frustration and we here in Support do our utmost possible to support you but we are not involved in bug fixing or the development of the game. The Team is already working on it, but as far as I can see, it doesn’t affect every Macuser. Some are able to launch the game, some aren’t, both being on the same OS Version, just as an example. They are working on it, but it seems a bit more complicated then “It doesn’t work for anybody”.

Kind regards

What’s your opinion?



Thanks for getting back to us - i will wait patiently. <3


I too am having this problem. Thank you for escalating this. I look forward to it being resolved. I know how complicated things like this can be to fix. But the Mac using heroes players will thank you


Thank you for escalating this. I am having the same problem on my iMac.


If this was a PC problem and people couldn’t start the game up - they would have fixed it by now!! We are all now pushing 3/4 days with zero answers to this problem or work around?

Ive just downloaded League of Legends as this place has become a joke. Its actually pretty good, almost exactly like HOTS. xD

^^/ peace. x


I can’t start HotS since windows update and no answer, no fix, no nothing.
Also Dota is better :wink:


Do you think that DotA is better than LoL? WhIcy one is closer to hots in experience do you think?


HotS is just a different game in my opinion, the talent system, the experience system, the mercs, the map objectives, it’s a completely different thing.
DotA is just the evolution of WarCraft 3 and I remember playing Defence of the Ancients, so it’s also nostalgia factor for me.
But I seriously believe that here is no game like HotS and I’m so sad that development support has been lowered cause corporate actiblizz wants more money from mobile games after raising me since my childhood.


Just to add more info: It does not launch in a Macbook pro 2014 or in a new one. Neither Sierra, nor high sierra or Mojave. with full updates. Full deinstallation does not help.

I might state the obvious, but why is it not possible to revert those new features for Mac compatibility which were included in this version? No compatibility problem from before -if any- comes close to this issue